Question on mats

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We have a new stray coming around. We have been feeding her but she is terrified of people. Mom is slowly trying to get her used to people so we can get her to the vet and find her a good inside home.

Yesterday while she was eating mom was able to pet her a little. She flinch each time mom stroked her. We can see that towards her backside she has a couple of mats. When mom pet her she can feel mats on her hind legs and underside of the tail. They didn't feel too tight to the skin.

She has long hair and mom has never had a long haired cat before. How do I remove mats? I don't want to cut her but I feel it is going to be a while before she is trusting enough to go to the vet for removal. Mom is thinking of trying to cut some of the looser ones while she is eating.

Any suggestions? Poor thing has leaves and stuff all stuck on her backside. She is so pretty and keeps the rest of her fur clean.

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Try finding a wide toothed metal comb - best place to try would be in the dog grooming tools area at your local pet store or big box store. That way it would not pull the cats fur and make it hurt. My fur is so long and thick meowmy had to get a brush with metal teeth in the dog area at PetsMart. But is SURE feels good when she gooms me, especially my tummy area.

Hope this helps. Bless your mom for trying to help this stray kitty.

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Oooo icky mats! I know all about those things!

I used to hate our brushing sessions. My Staffwoman tried all kinds of brushes and combs, even one called a "MatBreaker" that had curved teeth with razor sharp edges. Hated it! I must admit I often lost my royal composure with my Staffwoman, and our brushing sessions were terribly traumatizing for both of us.

Finally, My Staffwoman found a brush with flattened tips that does wonders for my coat. I believe she actually found it in the *eh-hem* d-o-g section of the pet store. I actually enjoy our brushing sessions now. But it wasn't always that way!

Now, your situation seems to require a bit of delicacy. I would say for the time being, wait until the poor stray is more comfortable with being touched and handled. Then, your mom may be able to do what my Staffwoman did when my mats were out of control; take some blunt-nosed scissors (child paper scissors work well) and carefully remove the mats. Go slow, and take one at a time. If any are particularly large, snip into it bit by bit until it breaks apart.

When the mats are gone it will make brushing more of a pleasure, and something to look forward to. It's important to become comfortable with brushing so the mats don't reoccur.

My Staffwoman lets me familiarize myself with the brush a bit before she starts in on me. I like to rub my cheeks on it while she holds it for me. Then she takes it lightly down my back, as if she's petting me. She slowly works in stronger strokes, and eventually she has me lay on my side while she gives me the full treatment. It took us a while to work out this routine, but I'm a much happier Princess for it.


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Thank you both very much for the ideas. We have to wait until she is ready to trust but she is getting closer everyday.

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the best suggestion I have ever received from a groomer for long haired cats (she has an amazing Persian, and is actually grooming my Himalayan on tues). okay. you know the clippers that hair stylists use when cutting guys hair? well on some of those (well, on one set of mine (i do hair) the blade is removable). the blades run about 40 - 50 $ usually. sometimes less, it depends on the brand etc, but she suggested that I brush athena with one of the blade things. it has the perfect teeth etc, and doesn't cut the hair (because the blades aren't moving to actually cut the hair like it does when you get your hair cut. I have yet to try this, because athena is still growing out from a lion cut, but it makes a lot of sense! oh, also... i would trim her 'pants' (long hair by the bottom) where it sounds like she's getting the leaves and maybe some poop stuck.... athena gets her pants trimmed on tues! hah