To wash or not to wash?

Good grooming practices are essential for maintaining health and happiness for you and your cat. This is a forum to exchange tips and advice for proper care of your cat's hygiene needs.

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Crazy for- catnip!
Purred: Fri Aug 8, '08 5:20pm PST 
Mom gives my sister and I baths, and afterwards our coats are nice and shiny, so she thinks baths are good for us. Mom thinks the only bad things about baths is all the lose fur, and how much we hate them. (We scratch and hiss, and put our angry faces on!)

Fuifui- Moimoi

Purred: Fri Aug 8, '08 6:08pm PST 
Fui and Suey get baths, because they are little grubs who like to roll in the dirt and all sorts of muck. It's the price they pay to sleep in bed with us. We put them in the bath, unplugged, and have a handheld showerhead attachment for the faucet. On the end of the handheld thing, we have a little brush that the water runs through. It makes it easier to get the thick fur wet, and then to rinse the shampoo off.

We use a pet shampoo from Herb Doctor, which was about $9. It doesn't have any chemicals or sulfates in it, and smells SO good! Allegedly, the citrusy smells in it will help to deter ticks and fleas. I agree with Atrus, you have to make sure they get a jolly good brushing first. Fui's hairball problems have improved out of sight since we started washing him.

We also bathe our fosters. A lot of them come to us looking pretty grubby. They seem to feel better once they are clean, dry, and dirt and flea dirt free.

KuJu Ku is spot on about being careful with water on the face. A handheld attachment (you can get them for about $5 at the supermarket) makes it a lot easier. The ears are particularly important to avoid, as it can help ear infections to develop.


Purred: Tue Aug 19, '08 6:08pm PST 
Chloe loves baths, but she got them on a regualr basis, well still does. Callie on the other hand hates them but I only tried once and didn't think about it the right way.
if your cat has never had a bath (like Callie) Do not just put her in the tub or water, she could freak out (like Callie) I am thinking about playing with her in a dry tub so she gets use to the area. I feel so bad for putting her in there...heck she has never even seen that room before.
I would recommend a cat shampoo, they have tons that are not expensive. People shampoo, baby shampoos, and I think someone said Dawn liquid soap - ahhhh, all those could dry out their skin since they are formulated for people and dishes.
The amount of baths you give would depend on the breed. Callie seems to be clean and soft but Chloe gets oily and has different dander. My dad is acutally allergic to her and not Callie or my sisters cats.? Chloe gets them about once a month...Callie got a half a bath once....laugh out loud

Milagrito&Si- renita,- 1999-2011

His Holiness,- the Feline Pope- in Exile
Purred: Thu Aug 21, '08 1:18am PST 
I'm not sure if it would achieve the same thing, but if your cat is a short hair like me, you can do a sponge bath. I've only had one immersion bath in my life and that was with bird soap (Dawn, the stuff that takes the oil off the sea birds in oil slicks). I had a bird bath because I got into something toxic and it was all over my legs and tummy. Other than that time, I've had regular sponge baths, since I like to roll around in the garden and get kinda dirty. Plus Daddy likes me to lose the dander once in a while. I've known cats who got their first sponge bath when they were old and sick, and they liked it. That's because it's just like the tongue bath our cat mom used to give us.

First you comb or brush to get the loose hair and bring dirt and dead skin to the surface. Then you wet a wash cloth (I like a hot, wrung-out cloth) or get a commercial cat wipe and rub all over. You can go in all directions, and going against the hair lets you clean deeper. When I'm really dirty, Mama rinses out the cloth a few times. It's ok for us to get damp, we don't just like to get soaked when we're not used to it. It's nice to dry with a towel afterward, though it's not necessary since we're not soaking wet. I'm sure you can get a cat really clean with a real bath, but there's resistance. A sponge bath feels like love. I purr my way through it, and I still get soft and fluffy.


Ray of Light
Purred: Fri Aug 22, '08 10:07am PST 
That's making me want a bath, M!laugh out loud

But I l0ve the water......

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