Witch hazel for ear cleaning?

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I was recently told by someone that Witch hazel makes a great earwash for cats.My first thought was hey,cool. I've been using witch hazel on my face for years so it is always in the house.My second thought was I wonder if it is safe for my cats? So has anyone else heard of using witch hazel as an earwash or know if it is safe or unsafe? I tried to do a search and it didn't turn out to be too helpful at all, so any help is great! thanks!

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I'm not sure I usualy clean out my kitties ears every couple of days with a warm water soaked cotton ball. But to clean deep down inside I have Halo Natural Herbal Earwash its safe for dogs and kitties its kinda pricey but it last forever.all you have to do is fill the cap I only use half a cap, place it in the ear..hold it down and massage it for a couple of seconds and release then they shake and all the gunk gets out..I use this about once a month when I give my cat a bath and it smells so good

Actualy I went and read the ingredients and its made with a whitch hazel base.

This is what it says on the website where I bought it.

The gentlest, yet most effective ear solution available today. This soothing blend of herbal extracts (in a witch hazel base) eliminates ear wax, odors, prevents infections and heals abrasions, promoting healthy new cell formulation. Never leaves a greasy film and easy to use. For use on dogs and cats.


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I also use the Halo Natural earwash for my pets, and yes it has witch hazel in it...


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My mom has always used mineral oil for our ears. It seems to work well.


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I always use a cat recommended ear cleaner...never heard of using witch hazel.....