Brushing... and more brushing

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Purred: Sat Nov 17, '07 7:52am PST 
My mommy brushes me twice a day, and I always have a TON of fur coming off. No matter how much she brushes, there's more fur being shed.
I don't really groom myself at all anymore, so mommy needs to do it for me. Is it normal to always have upwards of four brushfuls of fur falling off?


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Maybe your mommy should make a sweater out of your fur laugh out loud

I LOVE being brushed and will run to the bathroom when mommy is getting dressed so she WILL brush me. Unless you are going bald I wouldn't worry too much.


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Welcome, Smee!
I am a bit older and need to be brushed, especially in Winter. Yes, a whole lot comes out/off, but I have a very thick coat. Always been this way.
As long as you are well and the fur is not just falling off and you have a good diet, I guess it is the way it is. Hope you enjoy the brushing!

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Unless your coat is getting very thin or you are going bald, I would not be too concerned. You may want to try a Zoom Groom or Furminator - they work great on me! The Furminator is a little expensive though.

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A friend of mine has a black cat who loves the outdoors. In the summer, her fur practically flies off. You could brush her four or five times a day, and still get a TON of fur. It's so hot outside, and the fur is black, so they think it is just her body's way of trying to be comfortable. But at the height of all the shedding, she never has bald spots or a thin coat, so I think everyone is right that those are troubling signs, where heavy shedding alone is not. Also, feel with your fingers to make sure there are no scabs or rough patches, so that you know the shedding is not due to irritation.