Brushing Teeth

Good grooming practices are essential for maintaining health and happiness for you and your cat. This is a forum to exchange tips and advice for proper care of your cat's hygiene needs.


Mommy's fuzzy- orange baby
Purred: Sat Nov 3, '07 3:39pm PST 
My mommy always had to pay for her Spock (Rainbow Bridge, March 07) to have his teeth cleaned. Is there a way that mommy can clean my teeth to avoid vet visits and vet bills? I am about a year and a half. She's not sure that I'll let her but she's willing to try.

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Sat Nov 3, '07 5:25pm PST 
You can brush your teeth at homesmile Regular dental cleanings may still be needed but home brushing can help prevent many problems. Pet stores sell pet toothpaste and toothbrushes and finger brushes. I recommend CET toothpaste. It's very tasty. It is sold only by vets.

Short of brushing, there are dental rinses and treats you can use but brushing is best to remove plaque and food from the teeth.

Here is a video on how to brush your teeth: Cornell video


Mommy's fuzzy- orange baby
Purred: Sat Nov 3, '07 7:13pm PST 
Thank you, Merlin!!

Squeakers- (Gone Too- Soon)

Furever my love
Purred: Wed Nov 7, '07 8:12am PST 
To start, though, places like Petsmart sell things like Tooth Wipes, that get you used to the motion and the feel of brushing. I still don't like it, but I had to have a cleaning and four teeth pulled! So like it or not, I have to put up with it


The 5lb Miracle- Cat
Purred: Wed Nov 7, '07 6:33pm PST 
Brush your cat's teeth every day with a cat toothbrush and CET cat toothpaste. It'll take the plaque right off! But keep up with the routine or tooth brushing won't do anything!

Since I've been switched to raw food, I never need to have my teeth brushed or cleaned. The raw meaty bones clean them for me in an all-natural, healthy, and delicious way!kitty