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The lady that lived in my apartment apparently left some surprises for me when I moved in since my landlord does not believe in exterminators. Now my older cat and new kitten have fleas and I am trying to treat them. I gave them a dose of the generic Frontline product and used the Adams Pet spray around the place, but they (and I) are still getting bit. I am going to contact my landlord, but I was looking for any other ideas that worked quickly and efficiently. If it doesn't get resolved on my landlord's end I will threaten to have my lease broken. Thanks!!!


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What generic frontline???? There is no such thing. Please do not use OTC flea medicines. Several of them (Zodiac and Hartz) have been linked to seizure and death in kitties. Only use Advantage or Frontline that you purchase through your vet.

Flea bombs do not work, so don't waste your money. They spray up, then they fall right back down. Instead opt for safer alternatives. In the past I have used and recommended at our hospital,Siphotrol Premise spray. It is safe for use around children and pets. They recommend keeping animals and children out of the room you are spraying until the product is dry (around 30-45 minutes). Then it is safe to occupy the room again.

You need to thoroughly vacuum the house. This includes inside closets, on furniture, under beds, etc. ANYWHERE the cats walk or lay. Throw away the bag (outside trash). Use the spray. In 2 weeks you need to repeat the entire process. (It takes about 2-3 weeks for the flea pupae to develop into adults and nothing on the market can kill flea pupae).
Killing fleas, unfortunately, is not a fast process.

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I have never heard of a generic frontline either. I have used Frontline from my vet, and the fleas are gone completly by the next day. Please, these OTC FLEA REMEDYS LIKE HARTZ, ETC.....
Just like Hunter said are VERY dangerous!!!! I saw a 150 pound dog die right in front of me as they were were carrying him into the animal hospital! If this nasty stuff can kill a huge dog, just think what it can do to a cat! This stuff should not even be on the market!


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I think it was called Biospot. I compared the main ingredients (always a good idea for any pharmaceutical) and they were the same. The vet I talked to said it was fine but that if they didn't work well to come in for some Revolution or Frontline. Aki seems to not have any I can find right now (and her flea dirt has greatly diminished). Sheila, on the other hand, has a pesky one that is too fast for me to pick out. I have hardwood floors throughout, and am tossing the few rugs I had in the kitchen and bathroom. I'm going to try to stock up on the pet safe sprays again and just hope that cures it. I'm not getting bit anymore so that's a small relief. Thanks for the advice.

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I would like to thank Hunter's human for that great post on what to do. We're having a flea problem here, too. Mom hasn't seen ANY on us--dogs or cats. We've been Frontlined within the past few weeks and we aren't scratching. However, mom wakes up every morning with itchy red bumps all over. The human doc says they do look like flea bites. Mom says she's going to do what Hunter's human said. Wish they made Frontline for humans! smile


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Fleas don't like the taste of brewer's yeast. You can crush up half a tablet into kitty's food, and it's a good source of Vitamin B for peoples. Fleas also hate garlic, and garlic is great for people. DON'T feed garlic to your kitties though because bulb plants are poison. Another trick my grandma taught me is the poison free flea trap. Get a shallow Rubbermaid tub, fill it with water, and swirl in a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Place the tub near a heat source such as a space heater or a bright lamp. Please be very careful that you use the trap while you are home so you can make sure that your kitties don't knock the lamp or heater into the water. The fleas will be attracted to the warmth and or light and become trapped in the soapy water as it prevents them from jumping! They drown! Works like a charm, and you don't have to worry about pesticides. Just dump the water. Another green, and safe solution is ordinary table salt. Sprinkle it into your carpet and let it sit for a day before vacuuming. The salt dries up the eggs!