Pawrents with allergies

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Hey Catsters! Mom sees a lot of posts about pawrents asking questions about allergies so she started a group for us! It's called Pawrents with Allergies

http://www.catster.com/group/Pawrents_with_allergies-10 291

She thought it might be a good place for pawrents to help each other with ideas and products that help make living with pets easier. Come check it out!!!



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I think that is a great idea! My mommy is just a little allergic to us, but her new boyfriend is pretty allergic and she would like to keep him. I'm not sure I want her to do that so I have been jumping on him a lot...mol. He just gives me a watery look and pets me though. I may have to try harder...but the pets are kind of nice...


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i can't find u send me