Kitten Flea Removal

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Purred: Wed May 17, '06 5:45am PST 
We recently took in a stray kitten, and she has quite a few fleas. We use Advantage on our other animals, but she's only around 6-8 weeks old. Should I just try to hand pick them until she's old enough? Also, does anyone know if there's a flea brush/comb made specifically to remove/reduce flea larva?

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Wed May 17, '06 9:36am PST 
Meows, I had fleas when I was a kitten. My healing person gave me Program to make the fleas go away. Check with your healing person for what kind of flea medicine you can use. Advantage, Program, and Frontline are popular. My Human combed me every day with a flea comb to remove fleas. I also went to the groomer for a flea bath.

Do not use a flea collar, especially the Hartz ones. One, they don't work because fleas hide under your belly where it is dark, not around your neck. Two, flea collars can cause serious health problem like rashes, diffulty breathing and even death, especially the Hartz ones.

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Karma Llasa

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Purred: Wed May 17, '06 12:51pm PST 
When I first moved in with my Mommy I had a lot of fleas. One thing Mommy did was put a little vaseline on the tips of my ears. Someone told her it made the fleas come to the surface where she could pick them off and drown them in water. It worked, but boy did I have a lot of fleas when I was a baby!


Purred: Wed May 17, '06 12:53pm PST 
Our vet always recommends bathing in a kitten safe shampoo and then using a flea comb.

Billi Bi- Humphrey

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Purred: Wed May 17, '06 8:36pm PST 
You can get a little flea comb in the cats department of your pet store. And I wouldn't use anything by Hartz. Something as scary as using a poison on a little one to kill even littler ones should be discussed with your vet. Also, search online for information.

Baby~In- Loving- Memory

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Purred: Wed May 17, '06 10:30pm PST 
Purrsonally, I'd try using a flea comb every day before resorting to using any kind of chemicals, no matter how safe the vet says they are.

Treating your carpets and furniture for eggs/larvae and washing kitty bedding is just important, if not more, as removing the fleas. Sprinkling Borax powder on carpets and furniture and letting it sit for a while before vacuuming it up works really well. It's also a healthier alternative to powders, sprays, etc. that have nasty chemicals in them.

Orca The- Killer- Kitten

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Purred: Wed May 17, '06 10:57pm PST 
I have been on revolution since I was 8 weeks old. The vet has dosages for kittens. If it is a stray kitty you may want to use this since it treats more then just fleas and if they have fleas they more then likely have other parasites as well

Kitty Mongoose

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Purred: Thu May 18, '06 10:55am PST 
OMG I used the wear the Hartz collar! my mommy didn't know it was deadly! Thank goodness I am ok... I stopped using it when my vet told me it was useless.... I really believe that Petco and Petsmart should be more careful in selecting the products they carry in their stores! These stores are where petlovers go!


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Purred: Thu May 18, '06 12:09pm PST 
see if you can get some Capstar pills from your vet, they work really well on young dogs and cats. i really like the all natural flea shampoos, especially one called DeFlea(works Great). it's all natural and uses a type of salt to dehydrate the fleas so they die and it's safe for puppies and kittens, plus no chemicals!


Purred: Fri May 19, '06 5:20pm PST 
Our mommy uses frontline our grandma has a kitty that got posioned by flea shampoos and it eventually killed him. So dont use over the counter products talk to your vet or get a flea comb. We will never use over the counter products we are afraid of them.

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