How soft is to soft?

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Callie Kitty
Purred: Sat May 13, '06 7:15pm PST 
My mom dosnt stop brushing me and I hate it so much! How soft is to soft for your fur, my mommy wants to know!

Billi Bi- Humphrey

"Got chicken!?"
Purred: Sat May 13, '06 7:56pm PST 
O, pooh! There is no "too soft!" But it's too bad you hate to be brushed. It's always good to get all that extra hair outta there in the spring so you do not get hairballs and then throw up. You think being brushed is icky? Try throwing up! We think you should be brushed every day if you are long-haired and every few days if you have short hair. Because if you are long-haired you will get knots. And you think being brushed is icky? Try having those knots taken out! Mommy doesn't have to brush every last bit of you all the time, but just a part every day or so. And ALWAYS treats afterward for being mommy's little sweetie pie.


Callie cat,- Callie cat
Purred: Wed May 17, '06 12:54pm PST 
Too soft? You mean . . . there is such a thing?!!


I am not a- Maneki Neko!
Purred: Wed May 24, '06 9:45am PST 
I used to HATE being combed but then some pesky fleas ventured into our house and starting dining on me. I was so itchy and miserable that mum's comb was a joy! Now I am on program to keep those buggy bugs from multiplying, but I get daily combings to pick out the newbies. I love my soft shiny fur and my combings now, I purr and stretch and let her get at me all over.

Sometimes it just takes kitty a while to get used to it, or bribings with treats and attention can change kitty's opinion of dreaded brushigs and combing sessions!