Bathing... how often is too much?

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Purred: Tue May 9, '06 6:29pm PST 
I just gave Bobbi a bath today ... I do it every couple of years, I guess. I had read somewhere that baths could help cut down on allergens.
How often is too much though? 1x a week? a month? 2x a year?


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Purred: Wed May 10, '06 8:17am PST 
Personnaly I never bath my cats unless they are very very dirty. But if you want to do it 2x/year should be enough. Cat are very clean themselves. I know you can use some wet wipes for animals intead of a bath. That keep the oils in the fur and that could help wit reducing the alergens like you said. The thing you are alergic of is the cat salive in most of the times. If you wipe it of that would reduce the alergen.

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Purred: Wed May 10, '06 6:10pm PST 
Huummmm, My mom is allergic to cats... Which I think is funny because she has two of us. Anyways when she first found this out the doctor had told her it is the cats dander that is what you have the reaction to. Some breeds have a dander that will give a stronger reaction that other. Mom can't be around siamese very long. But she has no problem with us I even curl up in her face. We only get baths if we stink which I think is a bummer because I love water. One of the reasons is because of mom's allergies she has to take us to a groomer. Mom use to have a cat in the house that she would have sever reactions to if it came too close. The way we lived with this was mom didn't have alot of contact with the cat and everything was vaccummed and cleaned daily so there was no fur around. You can reduce alot of the allergins with vaccuming and cleaning.

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Purred: Sun May 14, '06 10:06pm PST 
I don't know about allergies, but I brought Squeakers home for Mother's Day, and my mom was shocked because Squeakers had white stuff on her fur --she thought it might be dandruff. So we gave her a bath, kind of a spur of the moment thing. We didn't have kitty shampoo, so my mom used some special, mild shampoo. We were worried because Squeakers could have licked it off and gotten sick. I suggested that my mom rinse her good, and I hope she got all the shampoo off. I am viaually impaired and I had only given her a bath about twice in the almost three years that I've had her. I fugure that cats take care of their own grooming, but mom was worried about the white stuff, and her coat was not glossy. Now it's better. Mom suggested that I have the vet groom her maybe twice a year. I have no idea.
I will have to ask my vet, she has to go in for ear sores anyway.


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Purred: Wed May 17, '06 5:52pm PST 
I get bathed twice a week during show season--once a week if not. However, all the other kitties in my house do not have this ritual. They tend to get a bath only when they need it. Rinsing real well is key and be careful with the hair dryer if you choose to use one! Percy


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Purred: Sun May 21, '06 1:57pm PST 
My mama have heard that once a week is the max. .
I have a bath every now and then, about once a month, whenever my hair looks bad and greasy.. yeah, i do get very Mad!, but i feel much better after than before it smile



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Our mommy never gives us a bath. Besides the fact the neither one of use will let her pick us up, we are strictly indoor cats.


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Purred: Tue May 23, '06 12:48pm PST 
I do it twice a year for Serabe', once in spring, once in fall (that is if she dosen't get into something or I find out she's become smelly for whatever reason), she has long hair and twice a year baths and daily brushes keep her fur soft and untangled and flea free. My other cat Oracle, I gave her a bath on her arrival because of an accident she had in the carrier on the way to my place. I did that because I didn't want the poop smell all over my couches and at that time she seemed to scared to do the cleaning job herself.