Sad Story....

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Purred: Sat Apr 1, '06 3:21pm PST 
For the last two days I have been worried about a cat named Jade. She came to us during a tornado two years ago. She gets matted because she doesn't like to be brushed so once winter is over, we clip her fur off. Well someone in Adam's Family (my husband) decided to take it upon themselves and shave my cat. She tried to do it herself first when I Told her not too. And while I was sleeping she took her to the vet without my knowledge. Here is what happened:

Well, I finally got a chance to truly give Jade a once over to see what they did...Lets see where do I begin:

1. When I got home last night she fell over. (Adam believes its becaue of her whiskers. They cut half of them off on one side)
2. She had only her head, feet and tail with hair. (That was still matted)
3. She was shaking so bad from being cold (I brought her in so she could warm up
4. She smelled like pee (they didn't clip her nails, or do her ears or bath her...)
5. She was NICKED 8 times. I found 8 little bloody spots on her body.

So when I got her in, I let her have some cat sip. Its a milk product for cats, which she loved and filled her up. Then Adam started to clip a few nails at a time. Then we let her settle so we could give her a bath. The way we found out that they didn't bath her was one, the smell and two because when we washed her, the water was brown....Yeah brown when we put her in. So after a good cleaning and rinsing of her dry skin and matted fur, we toweled dried her, and cut the rest of the mats out.

Then we gave her a can of food and let her get warm. She wasn't thrilled about the bath, but it needed to be done. So we let her out in the morning when it started to heat up. she has been out all day but the weather is going to drop again so she is coming back in.

I made it clear to Mamaw and Sue that the cat needed to be in doors, until some of her hair grows back. This why it should have waited. This is why she shouldn't haven't be clipped. This is why people who aren't part of the house hold need to mind their own Business. They can't take care of her, nor do they want to. They just want to raise a stink to say "I care!" If you care then keep your mouth shut...I may take pictures of her tonight to show you want I mean or Adam can do it either way.


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OMG no cat should be outside, check out my story. I can't believe the whole grooming thing and then to let her outside? Man o Man, someone is crazy.

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I would be livid.. my husband would not even dare think of doing let alone someone not part of our family or if they were.. that was so awful for the kitty and you.... hope she does better soon. Bluie

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Yes, please keep a close watch on Jade, and let us know how she is doing. If they got water in her ear, that may have upset her balance, but I'm not sure whiskers would do it. We fostered a kitten once who had all his whiskers cut off by the family children, and he was otherwisw normal. Watch her for signs of an ear infection. Oh these kids, they worry us to death!


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I'm stunned.
Why would anyone clip poor Jade this time of year? Would they like to run around outside without clothing? They'd be COLD! And so will JADE!
Sorry. I understand your anger. You're right to feel that way. I also can't understand a vet's office doing such a lousy job. And, what were they thinking when doing this? They could have just removed any painful mats and clipped her when the weather was warm.
You're right to keep her inside.
Purring for Jade.

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It is appalling that anyone would do this to a cat. You really need to find out what vet or groomer they took this cat to and report them to the Better Business Bureau at the very least. And then sit and have a long talk to this family member about how your family treats animals. You clearly have the right idea and if they can't figure it out, they... they... ooh mom can't even type what she thinks she should be done to them! Mom thinks cats are like children and doing something like this to a cat is just as bad as doing it to a kid! Oooh, they make mom mad!

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OMG! Thats SOOOOO Wrong!!!! NO cat should have too go throu that!!!! Pleace keep you eyes on Jade for us and keep us posted too!


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Jade, I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you. I hope your fur grows back quickly.


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Aw, poor Jade!!! My mommy has never had to take a kitty in for a clip as she is afraid something would happen. I hope Jade grows her hair back and is feeling better soon....Purrs, Percy

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I am so sorry Jade. Please get well soon. We are praying for your safe recovery.

I am not surprised by the level of ignorance of people regarding pet health and maintenance. My brother-in-law hinted when we first arrived that we should let the cats outdoors to get used to the real world. He didn't know the neighbor's cat had feline leukemia. And that it was very common among outdoor cats here. He also didn't like their vocalization.

I told him to ship out if he couldn't take it. And he did. We are all the better for it!