should i shave him?

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i am considering having my cat clover shaved this summer. one reason is it gets kind of hot at my boyfriends house in the summer and thats where he lives. another is that we originally found him as a stray and his leg fur is a little stained (even after all the baths over the last year or so) and his belly looks really nappy (but its not it just looks it even when i brush it) will this fix itself if i decide to have him shaved? or will it just grow back? does shaving benifit them in the way that their fur is more healthy? im just looking for general information and benifits of it because i never really even thought of it until recently. hes nowhere near as fluffy as a persian, but he still has pretty long and thick fur. any info would be helpful!
(and his pictures dont do his fluffyness justice lol. hes alot fluffier in person. plus hes gained a little weight and he looks even more furry lol)

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I would think he'd probably enjoy having his coat nice and short for the summer heat. We don't have long hair, so can't answer your other questions, sorry.
I think a lot of people take their kitties to a groomer for shaving. Good luck!


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There's a thread further down on this forum page called "Anyone else get shaved?"
Check it out. smile


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Unless a cat is matted it shouldnt be shaved. It doesnt benefit them being shaved. Trust me, I have shaved ALOT of cats, I am a groomer. And the cat wont feel cooler without his fur as it protects him from the heat, same as it does for a dog. And his fur will NOT grow back nicer, it grows back funny, sometimes changes color and texture, and it can even cause permanent bald areas. Some cats after a shave are extremely shocked by it and hide, some are like reborn kittens, like my Bacardi is. But Bacardi has been shaved alot of times, but none only then myself, and he is very thinned out in two stripes along his back, his thinghs and his stomack. The fur is also flat and darker when it grows out and if you rub it backwards (which he definitely doesnt like) it feels sort of spikey...for lack of a better word. I have made the mistake of shaving my own cat...and now shave him always cause he looks horrible grown out. Anytime anyone walks into my grooming salon with a cat to shave, unless it is matted I strongly try to change their minds. When I can I will upload a pic of him grown out, you will see what I mean!


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I have to agree with Bacardi. Shaving a cat its not a good idea. We had a surprise with my mom's cat Rouky the second year we had him shave down. The hair was a total mess. Now here and then the hair will grow back weird "spiky" but not all the time. That cat is a Himalayian/Persian mix and god knows how they could get mated! My mom shaves him twice a year cauz the hair is too bad. If it's not necessary don't shave him.


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just an update, even though this is an old post of mine, hes getting shaved. hes starting to get mats even with brushing, i had to cut a bunch out today. poor little guy. i didnt want to touch the ones by his neck, im afrAid i may cut his skin. so yeah... hes going to go in and get shaved and hopefully this will be the only time he has to. thanks for all the advice