Help, My cat is losing his fur

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Ninja Vister- Dinkens

Purred: Sun Mar 19, '06 6:12pm PST 
Has anyone had any problems with their cat losing their fur???
Ninja does not have mange, but he use to have a beautiful black coat and now it's not full and filled in.
I took Ninja to the vet and they put him on hormone pills. They said it was a hormone dificancy. The first month I started giving him the pill he started getting his hair back, but after that he started losing it again. He has been on the hormone pills for about 3 to 4 months now and he has also gained a tremendous amount of weight.
Does anyone have any ideas as to why his fur is doing this or what it could be. Any other help or suggestions would be great.
I hesitate taking him back tot he vet. He already has been 3 times.

Enzo - (2003-2013)- ✟

Speed Kitty
Purred: Mon Mar 20, '06 10:42am PST 
Do you notice tufts of fur falling out? Is it just hair, or do you see skin, or "scalp" attached to the ends of the hair? Or is it just thinning in places. How does the skin appear in the patches where it is thin? Reddened? Crusty? Dry? There answers will help narrow it down. Also, has your vet checked the areas with a black light?


Tri colored- kitty
Purred: Mon Mar 20, '06 8:58pm PST 
Hi. If you go to Cat Health and scroll back through the pages of threads, you will find alot of threads about this subject. Maybe one of them might be able to give you some useful info.

Azurine- Ambrosia

Purred: Tue Mar 21, '06 10:09am PST 
how old are You? you do loose it in patches,like bare spot or just thinner.. I had a friend when her got to be a year and she "blew her Hair,(sheded )her new coat was much thiner and flater, that can happen sometimes. a lot depends on genetics, there are a lot of vitamin defincies that can cause it and thyroid disease... did they do a blood test on you to see if you had hormone defiency...? BLuie


I'm a fighter!
Purred: Mon May 29, '06 8:29pm PST 
Has your vet tested you for hyperthyroidism? I was losing my fur and it was a symptom of Hyper T. Actually I wasn't losing it, I was "barbering"...that means I was chewing it off. Cats will do that under stress.

I have a group called Hyper T Space with links to more information about the disease.