Anyone else get shaved?

Good grooming practices are essential for maintaining health and happiness for you and your cat. This is a forum to exchange tips and advice for proper care of your cat's hygiene needs.

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Gentleman- (R.I.P. 16- Oct 2011)

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Purred: Wed Feb 15, '06 11:49am PST 
I used to be a gorgeous show kitty--see my picture? I decided a couple years ago that I didn't want to do shows anymore and that I hated my hair--so I had my Meowmie shave it all off and make me look like a little lion. [I'll share photos when I find some--I only have old ones of me right now.] Does anyone else hate their hair and get it cut or shaved?

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Purred: Wed Feb 15, '06 12:22pm PST 
Hi Gentelman. My name is Moe, and I have a big black luxerious tail which I spend a LOT of time grooming. If anyone even came close to my tial with clippers I WOULD SCRATCH THEIR HANDS OFF! But I'm a good kitty! smile I just LOVE MY TAIL!

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Purred: Wed Feb 15, '06 2:07pm PST 
Um I just got part of my tummy shaved and so did my cat mom but that's because our human mom and dad love us and they got us spayed. No more trying to get outside to have babies for me. My cat mom never tries to get outside but boy I used to try like crazy to get outside. My human mom said I'm too small to have babies even if there were not so many kitties in the world who need good homes like I have. She wanted to get me fixed last year but the vet told her he would feel better waiting another year because of how small I am. Even this year he said he would do it but it was a little riskier than usual because of my size.....I'm almost 2 years old and people always think i'm only a little kitten......I look like I'm closer to 7 or 8 months old.


Purred: Sun Feb 19, '06 5:33am PST 
I got shaved for surgery, and I have a tendency toward licking the hair off my back and butt. It's helpful when it's really hot outside and in the house, but I have been wondering about something. How long should it take for the fur to grow back? I can't remember how long it took after surgery, but it seems to have been a couple of months.

Anycat have thoughts on this?


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Purred: Fri Mar 3, '06 12:55pm PST 
i get shaved! it started as a bit of a joke bt since it has helped me stop getting massive hair balls(even if i get brushed out a lot) and throwing up kibble all the time. i know i must look silly since i'm a short haired cat but i feel my scratches much more and feel so light so i really don't mind it at all. plus i have a really plush coat so i have Lots of hair even if it is short.


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Purred: Sat Mar 4, '06 8:07am PST 
*waves to Gentleman* Nice to see you here!

I was shaved in January because when my parents adopted me I was severely matted. You can see a couple pictures of what I looked like when mom first brought me home on the 2nd page of my photo album. I think it was around the middle of January when I had my clip job and my fur has grown back quite a bit. It's probably almost an inch long now. I still have a ways to go and mom cannot wait! She just loves the look and feel of a Persian with their full coat so aside from sanitary clips, I don't think I'll be clipped down again.


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Purred: Sat Mar 4, '06 10:22am PST 
Momma's boyfriend and nephew are allergic to cats. Momma would never get rid of me. So, to try to compromise and help the situation, Momma thinks that shaving me will reduce the allergic reactions. She shaves me herself. I hate it, but I am really cooperative. I'm naturally short-haired but not short-haired enough! I don't really think this shaving deal really helps the allergic reactions, but I'm not leaving so much cat hair all over the place after being shaved! That seems to make Momma's life a little easier since she doesn't have to constantly roll everything with the lint roller.

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Purred: Sat Mar 4, '06 8:29pm PST 
Mom's thinking of giving me a lion cut because we're moving to Palm Springs, CA and it's HOT there.


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Purred: Sun Mar 5, '06 11:05am PST 
My fur is starting to get mattes in it and mom is thinking about getting me a lion cut.


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Purred: Mon Mar 6, '06 5:31pm PST 
*waves at Pokey*

Pokey m'man - if you get that done, I have to see it!!

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