cant bath myself

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Purred: Sun Feb 12, '06 4:28pm PST 
i have arthritis in my back and my legs and now i cant bath myself at all so i have big matts in my fur and then they have to be cut out of my fur what does my mommy need to do to help me


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Purred: Sun Feb 12, '06 4:40pm PST 
Sheba, if you have big matts, your best bet would be to visit a groomer or even a vet and have them shave the matts off of you. Trying to clip them with scissors could prove to be dangerous so having them clipped is a much safer option.

I have the same problem as you. I have bad arthritis in my spine so I can't bend like I used to and I have cancer so I get depressed at times and both of these things contribute to me not cleaning myself properly. Mom runs a comb through my fur a couple times a week and she also bought those bath wipes so she can wipe me down once a week. After you have your matts taken care of, your mom might want to try those two things to help you keep up on your coat.

Also, have your mom ask the vet about Cosequin for cats. It's a glucosamine and condroitin supplement that might help your arthritis some.


Purred: Tue Feb 14, '06 9:22am PST 
see mommy tries to brush me but she says i have an attitude problem because i bite her when she comes toward me with a brush so i will tell her to try the wipes


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Purred: Wed Feb 15, '06 9:26pm PST 
Ask your mommy to get several different kinds of brushes/combs that look different from the one you have now.
You may find that you actually like being brushed with a particular kind - I personally like soft natural bristles, but my cousins like combs with metal teeth that get deep into fur to scratch the skin.
It's all preference, I guess!
Anyway, if you try different brushes, you might not bite Mommy so much when she tries to groom you.
Also, ask her to approach you when you're sleeping/ sleepy and pet you first with the brush in reach but out of sight. After a little purr session, you might not get so fussy with the brush either.
Have her stop with the brush after only one or two strokes if you don't bite her right away - she wants to end the "brushing" on a good note, which can't happen if she pushes her luck and tries "just one more" until you get irritated and bite her.
If she slowly acquaints you with a brush you can tolerate a few times a day, reinforced with positive purr sessions before and after, you might discover that you like being brushed after all smile
Meow for now,