Kitty Dandruff? *blush*

Good grooming practices are essential for maintaining health and happiness for you and your cat. This is a forum to exchange tips and advice for proper care of your cat's hygiene needs.

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Velvet- 1992-2008

Grimalkin Power
Purred: Tue Jan 31, '06 5:10pm PST 
HI Lucy. I'm glad all the other kitties advice worked so well for you. I just want to throw in another tidbit. There is also a thing called "stress dandruff." I get it whenever I have to go in the car and it gets worse when I'm at the vet. Mommy apologized for it once and that's when the vet told her about it. Keep doing what you are doing if it's working but also tell your mommy if you are under any stress.


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Purred: Thu Feb 2, '06 6:53am PST 
that's great that you are flake free Lucy! glad to hear it

Gremlin- (Rainbow- Bridge)

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Purred: Fri Feb 3, '06 12:10pm PST 
Stress dandruff? That's probably what I had--and Mommie only made it worse when she tried to give me a bath! I made her pay, she has a scar on her arm from my back foot. MOL

♫Lucy&- #9835;- 1998-2012

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Purred: Sat Feb 4, '06 11:58am PST 
Stress, that could be it too. I wasn't under too much stress, but mom was with some junk at work. Sometimes human stress rubs off on us kitties.
She is still giving me the food, and every few days liquid coat stuff. She says my coat feels so nice and looks so healthy now, she wants to try the liquid in her human food! MOL!


Queen Of The- Food
Purred: Sun Feb 12, '06 7:06am PST 
i get that too, mommy says that if i don't itch it it will be okay.

but you have to have these HORRID baths -shiver- with this stinky stuff in them.

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