Brain damage

This is a special place for cats to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give a "get well purr" and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.

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Purred: Mon Sep 7, '09 9:13pm PST 
So over the past two weeks, mom has been keeping a very close eye on me and she has noticed some differences between now and before the surgery.

First, I tremble every so often like I'm cold, but I'm not cold. My doctor says that it is because my cerebellum was damaged and that I could have tremor for the rest of my life. It doesn't seem to bother me, it just looks strange.

Second, I no longer get along with my kitty brothers. I won't even let them sniff me before I hiss and growl at them like I don't even know who they are. Mom thinks I've forgotten that I'm a cat instead of a person, cause my tail goes right up in the air and I start purring as soon as I hear my mom's voice. This makes mom sad because I used to be so close to Oliver and she thinks he must miss having me as a playmate. We were practically raised together since we're only a month apart in age. Now I want nothing to do with him or Cosmo, and mom wonders why. We used to cuddle all the time!

Third, sometimes mom thinks I forget where I am, cause I cry out for her and I seem lost. Once she talks to me, I stop crying, but for a minute there I seem to lose my way. Maybe my sight comes and goes, or maybe I really do lose cognition for a moment and it takes a little while to regain it. I always find the litterbox and food/water, but sometimes when I'm in the windowsill or in the bathtub, I get confused and meow until my mom talks to me and calms me down. Then I'm all purrs and snuggles. It's the strangest thing.

Mom is kind of worried that this is a regression and that I might get worse. She hopes that I won't turn into a mean cat who can't get along with others. She hopes I don't start hissing at her or that get so disoriented that I stop using the box. Hopefully this will pass.

Momma works at a vet hospital, so she's in constant contact with my doctors, and they don't seem concerned as long as I'm using my box and finding food and water on my own. They say I'm still adjusting and my brother DID just go in to the doctor for his rabies shot. Maybe I just smell hospital on him...lord knows I have a good reason to be afraid of hospital smells! Maybe that's what's throwing me off? Mom's gonna give it a couple days.

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Purred: Mon Sep 7, '09 9:24pm PST 
Oh, we're purring for you, Loki, that everything will be better once again.

Purrs and Love,
Athena, Apollo and Aragorn

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Purred: Mon Sep 7, '09 9:38pm PST 
Purring and purring for you....

hearts' love,
Hazel Lucy

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Purred: Fri Sep 25, '09 3:13am PST 
I wonder if your hissing is because you are growing up, and you have found you can now stand up to the boys by hissing. Sam and D were really close when they were young and before D went missing. (He has been home now for over a year now), but she still hisses at him a year later. Raza, his furmum does that too. laugh out loud poor D he's the biggest but also the biggest softly he wants to be close to us all but he's too big and we all just hiss at him. I only do that when he sniffs my tail but the girls are typical torties and they definitely have an attitude problem when D is around. It's silly really they will go up to him touch noses and sniff each other then the girls will hiss. It's like a standard greeting for them.I don't know maybe it's is in the tortie blood.thinking

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My mom and I are praying for your recovery. I know it's so sad when you're not feeling well and don't know why.wishes

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We took Boo to the vet for his teeth, or I call him white foot or orange cat.. 19 yrs old can give you his paw, can say owners name..He would scratch and growl at the med staff a cat that doesn't take stuff, the dr asst. didn't know he was 19 the way he fough them..., After his operation, too much Anesthesia ? We took him home and he was having trouble breathing heart pounding, this went on over nite. He can't control his body at all, just breathing it seems...almost 24 hrs later we brought him back, dr say I should prepare for the worst. I said nonononono, please try to help him, so we are waiting. I prayed to Jesus, please heal him if its pleasing to You. My first prayer was to Jesus just to heal him.I don't even know if he can tell who we are.. I am not happy about this at all!!!

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Saying purrs & prayers for you that your kitty will be ok. Sometimes they have a bad reaction to things. Hope he feels better.


Purred: Thu Mar 13, '14 1:56pm PST 
I am in the same situation. I took Boo to the vet for dental work on Monday. I was told he had to be on an IV for one day because of possible renal issue revealed in blood work. He was put on fluids the day before the procedure. On Tuesday, after the cleaning the cat had trouble waking from anesthesia. I took him home and was told to bring him in the next morning. He was put back on IV and given mannitol. He is still there and I am told he has not improved. When I saw him yesterday, he was not responsive. The doctors say they do not know why he did not recover from anesthesia. So far, they say there is no change. He has not eaten since Monday. I do not know what to do. One vet told me to put him to sleep and another told me I should wait a few more days. I am lost in this situation. I know he can't continue this way.

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