My chin is swollen!

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Dante- R.I.P 3/7/10

Purred: Thu Aug 7, '08 8:57am PST 
Meowmy took me to the vet yesterday. I was drooling a little and my mouth seemed uncomfortable. The vet couldn't find anything wrong so she told Meowmy to just watch me. This morning, my chin is a little swollen. Meowmy is taking me to the vet at 3:30. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this?


Live to Play,- Play to Live
Purred: Thu Aug 7, '08 10:07am PST 
I don't know, wish I could help!

I wonder, if it could be a dental problem that might be causing a little infection?

Hopefully your Vet will take a good look.

Let us know, and good luck!

Dante- R.I.P 3/7/10

Purred: Thu Aug 7, '08 2:12pm PST 
Yep, the vet thinks it is an infected tooth since my gums a little red around one of them.

Little Red- (Angel- 6/11/12)

Red-Headed- Stepchild
Purred: Thu Aug 7, '08 9:47pm PST 
Hey I betcha its a FORL. It's a bad tooth but under the gum where you can't see it easy. Even if you take meds for the abcess the FORL only gets worse and should be removed. They are very very painful (make you drool) and can cause all sorts of problems.


Good luck and I'm sending you purrrs!
Little Red

PS, My vet threw an ol FORL I had away and it made me feel great way to go

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♥- Princess- ♥

Love, Princess
Purred: Fri Aug 8, '08 4:33pm PST 
Hi Dante! We are sending you purrs and hope you feel better soon! Love Princess and Kody

Dante- R.I.P 3/7/10

Purred: Fri Aug 8, '08 6:27pm PST 
Thank Mew little Red and Princess fur mewr good thoughts. If I keep having problems with it, Meowmy will ask the vet about the FORL. For now, the vet gave me some Clavimox and I am feeling much better. Meowmy had to force feed me last night but tonight, I am eating all by myself and the swelling has gone down. Meowmy always has the vet check out teeth when we go in. My teeth were fine on my annual visit in July but maybe its a problem below the gum. The vet did tell Meowmy yesterday that if the problem kept up the tooth would have to be pulled but hopefully it won't.

Hazel Lucy &- Purrsville- Cats

tiny gumdrop
Purred: Sat Aug 9, '08 5:22am PST 
Are you using plastic dishes?
The plastic causes allergic reactions for lots of cats.
If you are then try stainless or glass dishes and bowls.
Hazel Lucy