Please purr for me and my Mom

This is a special place for cats to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give a "get well purr" and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.

RIP Bongo- 11-3-09Mom- Loves You

Eat, sleep, eat,- sleep...life is- rough.
Purred: Tue Jul 15, '08 10:23am PST 
The vet found a serious infection in my lymphnodes today. I am all swollen and running a fever and they think it might be cancer. My mom is giving me antibiotics in the hopes that I can fight off the infection, but I am FeLV positive and have a very weak immune system. Please purr for me! Thank you!

Shep, My- Precious- Angel

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Purred: Tue Jul 15, '08 12:25pm PST 
We are purring SUPER-HARD for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! You and your family are in our thoughts, Bongo.
Much love,
Shep and JoJohughughug

Scooter R.I.P 1994-2009

Purred: Tue Jul 15, '08 12:33pm PST 
purrayers for a quick recovery Bongo.

Sally Maria- (Mama's- Angel)

Mama's angel
Purred: Tue Jul 15, '08 1:59pm PST 
I will purr some extra special purrs for you and hope you feel better soon!

Hugs & Purrs,
Sally Maria

Black Jack- (Angel)

Bravest Angel
Purred: Tue Jul 15, '08 5:58pm PST 
Super healing Black Cat angel purrrrrs to you!!!!

*much purrring*
Black Jack


Mmmmm Money
Purred: Thu Jul 17, '08 1:53am PST 
We are sending you lots of Purrrrs and Prayers, keep fighting.

RIP Bongo- 11-3-09Mom- Loves You

Eat, sleep, eat,- sleep...life is- rough.
Purred: Thu Jul 17, '08 6:57am PST 
I am responding well to my antibiotics and fight Mom harder each day to take them...which means I'm building up my strength and fiestiness! And feeling bettter.

I go back to the vet next week to check on my progress and also get a biopsy done to see if I have cancer.

Thank you everyone for your support and purrrrrs!

Hazel Lucy &- Purrsville- Cats

tiny gumdrop
Purred: Thu Jul 17, '08 7:26am PST 
Hi Bongo,
I added you to the List on Page One of the Catsters in Need of Serious Purring thread (the get well purr list) and also posted at the end of the thread. Hoping it's only an infection and easily treated.
Hazel Lucy

RIP Bongo- 11-3-09Mom- Loves You

Eat, sleep, eat,- sleep...life is- rough.
Purred: Thu Aug 14, '08 9:51am PST 
Thank you everyone for your support, it really means alot!

I got neutered on Monday and I am doing really well. I am more playful and responsive than ever before! Mom was completely blown away by my recovery and she thinks all your purrs really made a difference!

Thanks again!

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Louis- Armstrong - ILM

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Purred: Thu Aug 14, '08 10:12am PST 

We just joined this thread, and are SO happy to read you are doing better. However, we will still purr that you recover completely.

Purrrrrssss, Purrrrsssss,Purrrrsssss
hug Louis Armstrong, Emma Barrett, Benny Grunch, Pete Fountain and Charmaine Neville