Bad News...we need Prayers :(

This is a special place for cats to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give a "get well purr" and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.

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Purred: Tue Jun 3, '08 10:03am PST 
Today we took Hudson to the vet and they found that along with the FIV that he already has,he has Lymphoma also cry The lymph nodes are supposed to be as big as peas and his are as big as almonds. Lymphoma can lead to many serious health problem like cancers and such,while it is already bad in itself.
The vet told me that if they get larger and larger to put Hudson down because he is sufferingcry Hudson has been with me for 10 years and he seems too young for a cat to go. And Ginger...our 10 year old dog,she will miss him SO much,they have been buddies since they were little babies.

In three months(a day after Labor Day in September) we take Hudson back to see if they grew any larger. I am praying that they won't grow and won't cause him to be put down.cry

Beloved- Maggie Moo- (92-08)

The Snuggle- Muffin
Purred: Wed Jun 4, '08 3:10pm PST 
How sadcry
Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring for you sweet Hudsonhughughughug

Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Wed Jun 4, '08 7:24pm PST 
Hudson is in our thoughts and purr prayers. Hoping the nodes don't get any larger.

Purrs and Love,
Athena, Apollo and Aragorn

Aryeh - Love Forever

The Mewwy Kitten
Purred: Thu Jun 5, '08 12:24pm PST 
Mewwy Mew, purring for you!

Abbie- (always in- my heart)

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Purred: Thu Jun 5, '08 1:05pm PST 
Have you taken him to an Internal Medicine specialist? I've only dealt with intestinal lymphoma, so have no experience with FIV or the type of lymphoma he has, but I'm wondering if there are any treatments a regular vet may not know about that a specialist may recommend.

I'll have Binks and Matilda send lots of purrs your way!


Little Prissy- Timid Booty Girl

Purred: Thu Jun 5, '08 2:04pm PST 
OH DEAR - we are praying for you and your family.

Many purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssss

Sally Maria- (Mama's- Angel)

Mama's angel
Purred: Thu Jun 5, '08 3:14pm PST 
Oh no!! I'm going to purr and purr for those lymph nodes to shrink. I was just diagnosed with lmphoma in April so I know how you feel.

You all will be in our thoughts and purrayers,
Sally Maria and her mama

Biscuit- (Angel)

Guardian- Angel~23.8 Years- of Love
Purred: Thu Jun 5, '08 10:34pm PST 
Swollen lymphnodes are VERY common with FIV and don't always mean they are cancerous. Did your vet take a sample with a needle and view it for cancer cells?
We had a catfamily member with FIV and sometimes his nodes would get large and when they did he got a round of antibiotics and liquid roferon. Maybe you could get a second opinion? Some vets are more willing to give supportive care to FIV kitties and now know that they can live long happy lives with the disease.
He lived 10 years with FIV and was always feeling pretty good and had a quality life.

I purrrr and purrray that you just have swollen nodes and not cancerous nodes and that they will go down with meds.



Purred: Tue Jun 24, '08 10:29am PST 
Can you update us? Sweet Biscuit had some great info, have you checked on it? All the best to you sweet Hudson and family. hug

Waverly- (1991-June- 20, 2007)

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Purred: Tue Jun 24, '08 12:00pm PST 
Purring a ton of angel purrs for you, Hudson.

I want to echo my friend Biscuit's post on lymph nodes. My mom found me as a stray in 1994, at which time I already had FIV. I had health issues on and off, but lived very happily until last year at the ripe old age of approximately 17. However, we did have to go through several vets to find one we liked.

We'll be thinking of you ....


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