ADVICE NEEDED ASAP! Kitty w/ kidney failure, they want to put him to sleep?

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Mr. Peepers

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I moved out of my mum's house about 3 years ago, and I left one of my cats (Mr. Peepers) with her. I did try to bring him with me, but he howled all night, so I thought it would be best for him & my mum if he went back with her. Anyway, she took him to the vet on April 9th because he was getting skinny & didn't seem to feel good. They told her that his kidneys were only working at 25%, and that some level (I'm assuming bun?) was 140, and that it only was measured up to that so it's at least 140. He has been at the vet receiving fluids & such since then.

Today they called & told her that the numbers did not change, and that it was best to put him down. Do you think they're being hasty? When its "that bad" can a kitty recover? She didn't know what to tell them, but I think she's going to bring him home for a few days & then take him back to the vet...

I don't know what to do, this is horrible. I don't want my kitty to die!!!! Any advice is much appreciated.

Hazel Lucy &- Purrsville- Cats

tiny gumdrop
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Please contact Alex Finnegan, who recovered from the same nasty ailment. Here is his page:


Also, post in the Cat Health Forum, you will find plenty of knowledge there!

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It's Stella. My favorite male person [see picture on my page] is in kidney failure and his are working at 17%. He was told that if he got to 25% he would not need dialysis. Our vet says that cats can work with kidney function lower than that. The key is how the cat feels and behaves. If the kitty is still eating, drinking, making #1 and #2, and has a quality of life, why not let him live? Our late cat Peri lived for a long time on Purina NF with a much lower kidney function than that. We could tell when she finally got too low and toxic and so can you. If the kitty seems interested in life, he can live a little bit longer. Aside from the food, and maybe subQ fluid treatment, not much special care is required. We're all purring for you!

Biscuit- (Angel)

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Sub-Q fluids are very easy to do. Most kitties get very used to it and it only takes a couple minutes, literally. Of all treatments/supportive care this seems to make a great deal of difference as far as quality of life.
It flushes the toxins out of the blood and can help give kitty back the appetite, hydration and stuff. It helps nausea too.
My catfriends have not cared for Normosol-R as it burns...but human grade Ringers feels good.

(You might not want to use sub-Qs if kitty has heart failure too or an illness like pneumonia as it can cause fluid buildup...still, the benifits even in those cases can outweigh the risks...of course, it's best if your vet administers and observes under those circumstances.)

I would certainly try Sub-Qs at home as it just may take a while for the numbers to start coming down or stabilize...and even with high numbers you can be stable and not feel bad. Don't treat the illness treat the cat =)

Good luck! way to go