Purr Request for Catster Human Family Members and Friends

This is a special place for cats to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give a "get well purr" and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.

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Athena stole my- heart and has my- love!
Purred: Sun Sep 16, '07 7:26pm PST 
Is there a full moon out tonight?

I just read Truman's post a few minutes ago and would like to share this with you!

Dale crashed when he hit hazard reflectors on the side of the MS 150 bike path. Apparently he slid across the pavement about 10 ft. He's covered in bloody scrapes and bruises...arms, legs, stomach and face. The part he's most displeased about: snapped his arm. He goes to Ortho Memphis tomorrow to have his arm casted.

But being "the man" that he is, he wants his hero story told that this happened at mile 125 of the 150...and he completed the ride...banged up, broken and all.

Please put your paws together and send Truman and his mom and dad lots of healing purrs. Jill has had a very stressful pregnancy and they all have been through so much. We know their faith is strong, but let's send them lots of healing purrs to help them along!

Stay well everyone! Please keep us also posted!

Your Friend,


Martin is my- soulcat....
Purred: Mon Sep 17, '07 3:01am PST 
Meowlo dear Toulouse and effurryone else smile

Oh my! Purrraying for Truman's furrmily too!!

And for everypurr else and their furrmilies here too....you are all in our thoughts and purrs!!

My grandpaw keeps on getting better and stronger! I believe that all of your purrs are working - thank you so much!!!


Snowy, Queenie & Toby (and our new sisfur Rosie too!)


Calgon take me- away...
Purred: Mon Sep 17, '07 8:49am PST 
We are purring for each request and will continue to keep these precious humans in our purrs.

hug for each of you!


♥ Simbas Lucky- Wife! ♥
Purred: Mon Sep 17, '07 7:57pm PST 
Laura will be 2 years old, October 15. Theres quite the age difference with her and Human!

Human had tubes in her ears when she was a baby too.

See, the surgery is, they cut holes in your eardrum to put the tubes in.... after awhile, the eardrums heal shut, and the tubes pop out.... then they make there way out.

Human had one fall out in Wendys once. laugh out loud

Thank you for purring for her, and purrs to the others too!

Purrs & Pounces,

Purrdie,- Until we- meet again.

Miss- fluffy- pants.
Purred: Tue Sep 18, '07 5:32am PST 
for all the humans that need them.

The Cornish crew.


Truman\'s Girl
Purred: Tue Sep 18, '07 5:49pm PST 
Update on mommy's great aunt: Today they were going to put a trachiotomy tube in and during the surgery her lung collapsed. They also believe pneumonia is setting in. Things aren't looking so good right now. We'll keep you updated.


Athena stole my- heart and has my- love!
Purred: Tue Sep 18, '07 6:48pm PST 
Oh Chey, little Laurie is so little to have to go through surgery! I do know they are doing more of that type of surgery early in children. We are sending her lots of purrs for a successful and pleasant experience! Make sure she gets lots of ice cream and cookies! We are purring for her!way to go

Oh Marina, I am so sorry to hear about your Great Aunt! She has had such a difficult time and it seems like she continues to have setbacks. Just know that we are all here praying for her and your family with all our hearts! She is in good hands and she may surprise all of you! We won't give up praying for her and sending her our love! Thank you for taking your precious time to keep us updated! We truly appreciate it!!

I am so truly grateful for all the love and concern you have shown for one another! I am truly blessed! Please continue to keep everyone in your thoughts and purrs because we can never have enough of them!

I'm off to check on *Truman*
His dad, Dale, was having special tests done today on his wrist to see how bad the injury is. He may need surgery! So keep those engines running!!

Your Friend,


Lizard Hunter- Extraordinaire
Purred: Tue Sep 18, '07 9:16pm PST 
Things aren't too good for my Dad right now...they have decided against dialysis for the time being, but he's fighting a bacterial infection and they believe he may be developing pneumonia. Please, everycat, please continue to purr for my Dad. The doctor's are giving Momma a good prognosis for him, but we're just not sure right now.

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Furry Girl
Purred: Tue Sep 18, '07 11:19pm PST 
Sending lots of get well purrs to all the Catster humans and family members who are ill and in need of healing purrs.

Purrs and hugs,
Vanessa and Toffy


Spay & neuter- purrlease!
Purred: Wed Sep 19, '07 4:29am PST 
wave everypurr! I'm Snowy, Queenie & Toby's new sisfur!

Just wanted to add my purrs to theirs for each and every purrson who needs it!! Purrrrrr purrrr purrr!!



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