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Purr Request for Catster Human Family Members and Friends

This is a special place for cats to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give a "get well purr" and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.

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Hannah♥- Loves- Catster

My Heart Is True
Purred: Tue Sep 4, '07 9:44am PST 
I wanted to add purrs too, for all the mommies and daddies and family members who we love and need.

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs from Hannah and Family

You are all in our purrayers.


I'm bringing- sexy back
Purred: Tue Sep 4, '07 2:10pm PST 
We want to add our purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs as well.

Thank you Toulouse for making this place for our friends families and loved ones.

We are purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring for all that need it.


Athena stole my- heart and has my- love!
Purred: Tue Sep 4, '07 5:12pm PST 
Maxwell that is such good news! I know you are happy your daddy is home! We will continue to keep him in our prayers! Please keep us posted!

Well everyone, today Snowy's Grandpa was operated on again. I'm pretty sure his operation was today. He has been through so much! Please reach down and muster up all your purrs and send them his way! He sure does need them as well as his family!!

I can't thank you for keeping Grandma in your purrs. She is still running a fever from the bladder infection. Doctor told mom today that once the infection is cleared up, she will have to go to a rehabilitation center to help build up her strength. From there she will probably go into a Nursing Home. Mom and I are so thankful for your love and support. We are truly blessed and can't thank you enough for your purrs!!!

Keep up your purring dear friends! They are really working!

way to go

Your Friend,


Martin is my- soulcat....
Purred: Wed Sep 5, '07 4:21am PST 
wave dear Toulouse and effurryone!!!

Oh maxwell, that is great news! We will keep on purring for your daddy to continue with his recovery, and purrrrrr for you and your furrmily too!

I have some good news myself! My grandpaw (meowmy's daddy)' surgery went well yesterday YAY! And meowmy was so afraid, because beforehand when the Anaesthesiologist came to question grandpaw he said that grandpaw is high-risk, and more because of the previous complications a month ago! But I truly think that all of your purrs pulled him through! THANK YOU all so very much!!

Toulouse, sweet furriend...we are still purring ever so hard for your grandmeowmy too...we are sure that she is in His hands and that she will fully recover from the infection. Thank you once again for creating this special thread!


Snowy, Queenie, Toby & meowmy Carli


Athena stole my- heart and has my- love!
Purred: Wed Sep 5, '07 10:08am PST 
Oh Snowy, our purrs have been answered! I can't thank you enough for keeping us posted! Meowymy has to be exhausted with worry as well as running back and forth to the hospital! Gee, I feel like throwing a party! I know Grandpa has a long road ahead of him getting back on his feet. We continue to send purrs to him and please let us know how he is progressing!

Thank you also everyone for purring for Grandma. Mom is waiting to hear from the doctor today. Crossing my paws she is improving!

Keep up the purrs everyone!way to go

Your Friend,


Chey's Purroud- Hubby!
Purred: Wed Sep 5, '07 10:59pm PST 
Hey kits- just popping by for a quick update on Paw Paw. Sorry I haven't been around- our internet has been really evil lately.

Anyway, on to Mom...

Dad got a PET scan last week that revealed he has lung cancer on top of his throat cancer, although it's not as bad- he smoked since he was a teenager up until he started having health problems at the beginning of this year. Dad got his first chemo treatment last week as well. He took it pretty well at first and even came to Alabama to bring my sister back from visiting and to see us for a little while. He seemed to be doing well- no worse from when I saw him last a few weeks back. I talk to him over the internet every night and he says he's tired a lot, and today he wasn't feeling well. We're not sure when he has to go back to the doctor- he said he has two that are supposed to contact him soon.

I've just done what I always do when life gets tough: hand it over to God and pray, pray, pray. I love my Dad and it's hard knowing that his time left on Earth is down to a matter of months, but I'm determined to enjoy the time we do spend together. He's hoping to come and stay for a weekend sometime if he feels up to it.

Thanks again for all your love, concern, and prayers- they mean more than you'll ever know!

I'm also praying for all of you, too, and thanking God for such great friends.

-Tina (Mom) and The Wild Child

Benny Grunch

Will Meow for- Treats!!!
Purred: Thu Sep 6, '07 6:47am PST 
Glad to read that the Human Family Members we have been praying and purring for are doing better.

Just a update - the first house meowmy looked at turned out to have alot of electrical problems (she had a home inspector come in and give a report), so she withdrew her offer. However, two days later she found another townhouse (with a bedroom on the first floor) - a big concern because of her arthritis. Owner took it off the market to add some new flooring, but is going to put it back up for sale. It is newer, has been freshly painted, has new roof, water heater and burglar alarm system. Also $12,000 CHEAPER than the first one. So God answers our prayers, but we must remember that He answers them in His time, not our time.

Thanks so much for your prayers, purrs and support, dear CATSTER friends.

Continuing to pray and purr for all humans and felines....

Benny Grunch, Emma and Louis


Martin is my- soulcat....
Purred: Thu Sep 6, '07 6:47am PST 
Thank you so much, dear Toulouse! You and everpurr's support has been pawsome! We luv you all!! And I am so glad your grandmeowmy is feeling better too!! cloud 9

Oh Simba...I am so sorry to hear that! But you are right, all you can do is pray and hope...and will all purrrr and purray along with you!!

We are still purrrring for efurryone that needs it - purrr purrr purr!!

Luv and purrs,
Snowy, Queenie & Toby


Little Prissy- Timid Booty Girl

Purred: Thu Sep 6, '07 8:17am PST 
OH MY we are praying for all the families.

Faith - keep the Faith -



Athena stole my- heart and has my- love!
Purred: Thu Sep 6, '07 9:29am PST 
SIMBA!!! We have been so concernd for PawPaw and meowmy as well. We know it is hard to keep up with everything especially Catster. Mom knows what that is like now with Grandma.

Under the circumstances, it does sound like Paw Paw is doing well and fighting which is really good news. He's enjoying his time with his loved ones and we will just continue to pray that he can continue to enjoy this time with his family. You know we will want an update as often as you can give us one. We will continue to purr for you and give you all the strength you need during this time!

*Benny Grunch*
God works in mysterious ways and in His own time. We are so glad to hear that your mom may have found the right home to make all of you happy! We are still purring for you and please keep us posted! You have been through so much and you deserve to have a place to call your home!!

Dear Sweet Snowy! We are always glad to hear from you and we are purring for your Grandpa. How is he doing today? We are so glad his surgery went well but he has recovery facing him. We send lots of purrs that he bounces back quickly. You and your lovely family are in our purrs!!

Well Mom is getting ready to go visit Grandma. She will be going to a rehabilitation home for a few weeks and then probably to a Nursing Home. That has been her greatest fear and mom promised that would never happen. So mom is doing a lot of purring that mom will get stronger and will accept what is best for her! Thank you for all your purrs!

Please keep in mind our good friend Truman's mom. She has had a very difficult few beginning months of her pregnancy. Please keep her in your purrs that maybe she will begin to feel better and enjoy her pregnancy!

Thank you all for your faithful purrs for all our friends and families. You have been so faithful in your purrs and it really means so much to those who need them. So let's keep up the purring and support. It makes my heart feel good and I know it does yours too!

Stay well dear friends and keep those motors purring!

Your Friend,

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