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If any of you kitties know he started diffrent episodes of panting but yesterday was the worst. He was panting with his mouth wide open and two times it sounded like he was hissing but he was actually trying to breathe. I took him to the emergency vet[ the same one we took brandy to]. They checked his heart and all of the exam things and said they we normal so they took two x rays. They showed up as allergic bronchitis. He said that he would have to send the x rays off to confirm that it is in fact allergic bronchitis. He gave me prednisone to give him and then get recheck by the doctor to make sure his heart is normal[it was slightly in larged]and everything else is.

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Hope you are feeling better. I'm purring for you, Dakota.


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Dakota, I'm zipping right over with purrrrs...

*your angelfriend*

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Hi Dakota,
You have been added to the List (page 1) of the Catsters in Need of Serious Purring thread, and also posted at the end of the thread. Feel free to post your updates, I'm sure all the purring catsters would love hearing from you!
Purring for you,
Hazel Lucy


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We put you on the purr list on my group, Purrin' Cats.

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Sending lots of purrs and positive thoughts your way. Love your name Dakota - feel better real soon!