Started to Eat

This is a special place for cats to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give a "get well purr" and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.

Misha- *Missing- you* 7/04/07

*Queen of THIS- House*
Purred: Wed Jun 27, '07 1:43pm PST 
I would like to give a big meow to all the purrs out there...I know I still not going to get better...no cure for old age or CRF. I have started eating ~ a little at a time...makes moms happy kitty

The vet told moms that I can have whatever I will eat...so enjoyed some tuna water, some bites of Fancy Feast and very small amount of my dry Hills Prescription k/d.

I guess I've always been stubborn...

I still wobble a lot ~ little like a drunken kitty smile

thanks for all the purrs & thoughts.

licks & hugs, Misha & moms (Donna)

Hazel Lucy &- Purrsville- Cats

tiny gumdrop
Purred: Wed Jun 27, '07 2:27pm PST 
Great news, Misha!
Eat anything you want!

Biscuit- (Angel)

Guardian- Angel~23.8 Years- of Love
Purred: Wed Jun 27, '07 4:25pm PST 
I am watching over you and purrrring like crazy!
Like Hazel said....eat what you want =)
And rest and look out the window and enjoy your family and talk with your mommy....enjoy!

It makes me kittysmile!
*your guardian angel*

Waverly- (1991-June- 20, 2007)

Where's the sun?
Purred: Wed Jun 27, '07 4:27pm PST 
That's great news, Misha! Enjoy eating ANYTHING you want!!!


Livin la vida- Loco
Purred: Wed Jun 27, '07 5:34pm PST 
Yippie!! That is great news! Eat some for me too will ya? I love to eat but my mommy won't let me eat all the time so I don't become a "pudge ball."

I am happy you are feeling better - keep up the good work!!!

Ginngie~prec- ious angel

Got Milk?
Purred: Wed Jun 27, '07 5:51pm PST 
that's great Misha!
I'll make you a deal, I'll eat if you will! way to go


Chloe R.I.P.- my sweet- baby

Miss Amerikitty
Purred: Wed Jun 27, '07 10:17pm PST 
Yeah. Food is so good for you. My mommy decided when I started to get weaker from my CRF that she would let me eat whatever I wanted to. And I did eat. Mommy said she wanted me to be full and happy, even if it meant me going to the bridge a little sooner. She didn't want the last part of my life to be unhappy and hungry.

So chow down and enjoy the good food. I did. kitty


Freddy *4Eva- in Meowmies- Heart

seize the- day....or the- ankle
Purred: Thu Jun 28, '07 5:30am PST 
Enjoy your food now you feel like eating.

Misha- *Missing- you* 7/04/07

*Queen of THIS- House*
Purred: Thu Jun 28, '07 7:42am PST 
smile I'm actually eating my Hills Prescription k/d dry today...the folks just gave me 'bout 50 cc of Sub-Q fluids and kept commenting on my skin and fur...they are happy. They like to refer to Sub-Q's as "pumping me up". dancing

thanks for all the purrs...they do work

Meowy - Misha

Biscuit- (Angel)

Guardian- Angel~23.8 Years- of Love
Purred: Thu Jun 28, '07 9:38am PST 

*your guardian angel*