Please say a prayer for my little Lexi if you will (14 month old cat)

This is a special place for cats to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give a "get well purr" and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.

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Emma Barrett

It\'s good to be- the Queen
Purred: Mon Jun 18, '07 12:18pm PST 
Dear Lexi's meowmy:

This is Emma, Louis and Benny's meowmy. I cried when I read your post that Lexi had gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Please believe me, I know what you are going through. I lost four cats in Hurricane Katrina. One was three years old, and the other three were siblings and only five months old. I know there were all there to greet and welcome Lexi to the place where there is no pain or suffering, and peace eternal.

Emma, Louis and Benny helped heal the hole in my heart. When you feel able to, visit your local shelter and I KNOW there will be a little furry person there for you. Lexi will put her paw down from the Bridge and tap the kitty on the head when you approach their cage, and whisper in their ear "adopt this lady - she needs you!!"

Purring and praying,

Emma, Louis, Benny and Faye (their meowmy)

Sparky ~- forever in- our hearts

Daddy's sweet- boy!
Purred: Mon Jun 18, '07 12:20pm PST 
Along with my furriends, I greeted Lexi at the Bridge last night.
We will take great care of her.

Purrs & hugs to you, Sparky & family

Biscuit- (Angel)

Guardian- Angel~23.8 Years- of Love
Purred: Mon Jun 18, '07 10:19pm PST 
Lexi is now happy and healthy and healed at The Bridge. She will never be sick again.
You will see her again someday...

She sends her love and so do I.


Heidi ~ In- Loving- Memory

Forever in- Loving Memory
Purred: Mon Jun 18, '07 11:45pm PST 
Dear Meoowmy:
Wonderful Biscuit has taken your little one right under her Bridge Wing, and I was lucky enough to get to meet and welcome her, too.
She is a beautiful Angel and she is well, and safe and happy.
Whether we're talking about Animals or Human's, it's very sad when our time on Earth is brief, but, quality of life isn't measured in years, and it's obvious that Lexi had a lifetime and then some of heart.
God Bless and Comfort You, Lexi will always be in your heart and memory, and sometimes when you feel her closest to you, it's because her Spirit is right there!


The Whispering- panther
Purred: Tue Jun 19, '07 6:27pm PST 
To Lexi's Meowmy,

Skitzee and I met Lexi as she came to the bridge. She is happy and healthy now, and has very good companions here. She is very beautiful, and all the things you have said 0 such a wonderful girl!!!! She misses you but says she will watch over you from above, and she will wait for you to be together again.....she sends much much love to her meowmy!!!

Apollo (In- Memory)

Love Ya !

Purred: Tue Jun 19, '07 8:09pm PST 
Those we have held in our arms for a little while, we hold in our hearts forever.

Purring to Lexi at the Bridge. Kitty kisses to Lexi's mom.

Purrs and Love,

Aragorn (In- Memory)

One Cool Cat

Purred: Tue Jun 19, '07 8:12pm PST 
Do not worry about Lexi . . . . she is so safe here at the Bridge with all of us caring for her.

I have taught Lexi how to jump down to the lowest cloud at the Bridge so she can watch over you.

Purrs and Peace,


Live, Laugh,- Love
Purred: Wed Jun 20, '07 8:20am PST 
*wiping tears from eyes after reading this forum* Lexi and Family--we are so sorry to hear about you leaving for the brideg--we send our purrs and purrayers to you and your whole family during this hard time. Bestest wishes~~Cali and Leo~~


Livin la vida- Loco
Purred: Tue Jun 26, '07 4:39pm PST 
I love you Sissy! Always will - you are my bestest friend! Mommy cried tonight and said you were finally back home again. Then she placed this box with your name engraved on it, up on the "special" table next to your picture. I too am glad you were home but I wish we could play again. I loved chasing you down the hall at full speed, playing with one another away from mom & dad and then crashing with you during kitty nap nap time. The house is quiet without you dear Sis. Just know you are the BEST!!! Meow, Meow...!

Forever yours Loc

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