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I have a alert for all cat and dog owners - I dont know if you have heard of the beneful dog food issue with grain mites , i had a cat that passed away suddenly in early july and about 2-3 weeks after he passed i noticed that the remainder of his food that was on the kitchen table and anything else on the table was covered with a white "powder" upon close examination the little white dots were MOVING i traced it back to the box and ziploc back of his remainder of food and was not sure what it was but i threw all food and anything else that had the bugs on it off the table and cleaned the area - i did not know what they were till i heard a story last friday on the news of a lady that had the grain mites all in her beneful dog food and also all in her kitchen cabinet and in all her packaged food the link for that story is at myfoxhamptonroads.com i learned now what is grain mites that feed on dry food that may have goten moist it causes a toxic mold and mite infestation and can cause animals to get sick or die -- on dogster.com there is a ongoing blog with countless stories of the mites all over homes and food and cats and dogs gettng sick i was feeding my cat a mixture of friskies special diet urinary that is made by purina the manufacturer of beneful and also iams original i feel it was the friskies - please beware and check your food and save yourself the heartache that i feel for my baby .

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Yuck!! Thanks for this information. Although I do not feed Beneful, I read the article you were talking about and it can occur in any pet food that contain grains. red face


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Yup knew about this, thats the chance we take when feeding pet food with grain in it.
I am so sorry that you had to experience this, I could put some links on here that prove about the dangers of grain in pet food, due to aflatoxins, etc, etc. I will find it.