Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease: Food

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Hi everyone,
I was hoping some of you could help me out with this or give me some advice. I would like to give you some background on my cats before I get into my problem.
I have 2 cats brother and sister, who eat wellness canned food, grain-free, single protein as they had many digestive issues as kittens. They are on a single protein (turkey), so no fish, no beef, no chicken and no corn no wheat and no soy diet. I also sprinkle probiotics on their wet food every day. I have been doing this for 1 year and their digestive problems have finally subsided! Unfortunately, my male cat is showing signs of FLUTD. He has been to the vet 4 times and I have increased his water intake by adding more water into his food and letting him drink from water bottles (he also has a fountain). My vet was wary about changing their diets because of their stomach issues, however, we have treated his FLUTD with anti-inflammatory drugs and nothing has worked. The next step is to change to a prescription diet for FLUTD. However, I am terrified of this. I have a vet appointment tomorrow to discuss plans and to get another x-ray and urinalysis done, but my vet said we might have to look at food as an option as no other methods have worked yet (I also play with them 10 min every day, they have 3 cat towers, and I have de-stress plugins to help with any stress). My cats are like my children as you can see.
I am posting on this website to ask if ANYONE knows of ANY WET food for feline lower urinary tract disease that is corn, soy, and wheat free? It does not seem to exist. I am so scared to do this, but I also need to find something that is going to treat his FLUTD.
I would appreciate any responses at all. Thank you for taking the time to read this it is greatly appreciated!!!!

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Royal Canin has a bunch of prescription diets that are both GI and FLUTD compatible (their SO Index.)
I know prescription diets aren't ideal, but they're formulated specifically for FLUTD, and FLUTD isn't something you want to mess around with.


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don't know if you will even get this with everything shutting down, but I got Tigger some ProPlan CLASSIC urinary food cans that are grain free.


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My cat was on prescription food and antibiotics for three months because she had a bladder stone. She doesn't have it anymore. The problem with stones is that they might not be diluteable with food. Surgery will be an option in this case. Right now you should try the food and see whether that helps. My thoughts are with you and with your babies.