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Purred: Mon Dec 9, '13 7:51pm PST 
Right now I am battling Chronic Pancreatitis with my 14 year old, I am having a hard time getting her to eat, she is on an appetite stimulant at the moment. It seems like she prefers 'chunky' foods like Meow Mix Cups the most, is there any 'good' quality chunky canned foods that I could get for her? We bought a smorgasboard of foods to try to get her to eat anything and the ones she finishes are the chunky varieties.


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We have tried Precise Holistic Complete chicken. It's slices with a little light gravy (not firm slices and the ones in the bottom of the can are broken up). It's one of the few that Brownie eats that I call really good quality. Brownie loves it if I puree it to make it a soup texture. You can mash it with a fork if you find the slices on top of the can are too big. I get it from Pet Supply Plus or a small Mom and Pop pet store.

http://precisepet.com/cat-formulas/precise-holistic-comple te/canned/grain-free-flaked-chicken/

I gave the cats Merrick Thanksgiving dinner. Chunks in soft pate with a thick gravy. The chicken a la king says sliced. It too is grain free. The Purrfect Bistro ones have a chunky style. You can get Merrick at Petco.

http://cats.about.com/od/productre views/fr/Purrfect-Bistro-Dry-And-Canned-Cat-Food.htm

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