Obese cat drinking too much water and being frequently sick

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Hello! This is my first post so bear with me...

I am looking after a cat for someone at the moment as the owner can't look after it. The cat is as small as my own 3kg cat height wise, but weighs 5.3kg which shocked even the vet who I'm sure has seen his fair share of fat cats. Obviously she has been on a diet since I got her, and she is very active, running around with my cat loads. She's clearly been obese for a long time (the owner thought she was slim).

When I first got her she was eating huge amounts of Purina dry cat food, as the three different people who have looked after the cat in the last half year have just given her everything she will eat. As she has received virtually no human contact in all this time and had no stimulation, it's hardly surprising that all she did was eat.

anyway since I've had her, I weaned her onto wet food with a high meat content as the dry food is virtually all grains and I don't feel that is good for a cat (dry food makes my other cat sick), but she was regularly vomiting mostly water, and I noticed that she had a habit of gulping up huge amounts of water getting through a whole bowl a day (my own cat rarely drinks water as she gets enough from the food). The vet suggested putting her onto dry food and to monitor the situation. For about two weeks she only vomited a couple of times on the dry food, but has today vomited a dark brown liquid that has the consistency of a chocolate sauce (sorry!) but also had what looked like some sort of thicker faecal matter in it. It didn't particularly smell, surprisingly and I have no idea what it was. She hasn't eaten since this morning and it's now 10 at night. She can't have eaten anything else throughout the day, but as usual she has drank a huge amount of water. She is fed separately from my own cat so she has only had her exact allocated mornings food...

Anyway I am of course taking her to the vet as soon as they open tomorrow morning, but I wanted to know:

- how can I wean her onto wet food without it making her sick all the time?
- is there anything else I should be looking out for in her behaviour to alert the vet of tomorrow?
- is there anything I can do tonight when feeding her that might prevent her from being sick again? I don't think she eats particularly fast (which is my other cats problem with dry food).

Sorry for the long first post! I'm just so worried about the cat, and I'd hate for her to be suffering at all.

Thanks, Erika.

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Drinking excessive amounts of water, throwing up, and not eating could indicate possible diabetic ketoacidosis, a very serious health condition that can turn fatal if not treated ASAP. Sometimes DKA is the only way one finds out that the cat has been suffering diabetic complications for awhile shrug Cats are really good at hiding symptoms and many people just don't pay attention to how much the cat eats or drinks or changes in litter box habits shrug

Does the cat's breath smell like nail polish remover? That smell is a very good indicator of ketoacidosis.

Is there anyway you can take the cat to the vet now? If the vet's office is closed, call anyways beause the after hours voicemail message will tell you who to call for emergencies.

Try to keep the cat hydrated until it can be seen by a vet. Do you have a feeding syringe? A pharmacy should have some on hand, the kind used to give babies and children medicine. You can try to offer some meat only baby food, like Gerber brand. Make sure the food has NO garlic or onion.

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first, write all questions down you have for the vet, take it with you. we are going to assume kitty is going to get full blood work, depending on what time you are at the vet, you might get the results that day. if not, the next. if kitty does not eat for the rest of today, would not worry, its only one. let vet know everything that has been going on including the vomiting, especially from today. lets us know what the vet said.



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Hello, thank you for the replies!

I took her into the vet and the vet took two samples of blood from her which are being sent away and tested for a whole range of different things. The cat has since been totally fine and not been sick at all. She eats very normally, I feed her an exact amount of food every day and feed her separately from my own cat. She has a good appetite and has actually lost quite a bit of weight on her diet which the vet was very happy with.

Anyway I hopefully find out on Friday the results of the blood tests. Fingers crossed it's nothing too bad!

Thanks again for the replies, it really helps. I'd say I'm pretty clued up on cat health but I've never taken on an obese cat before, and all my cats have been pretty healthy, so its hard to tell what is a problem and what is normal for a tubby cat on a diet. I've never seen a cat drink that much water before though, and the vet did seem to find that fact very worrying.

Cheers, i'll keep you updated! smile

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Hope everything turns out finesmile

Do remember to ask the vet for some supplement recommendations to keep your pet healthy and fall sick less often..

Stan B.