Can Anyone Suggest a Good Auto Feeder that Works?

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Here is the deal, I have three cats. I am also a part-time pet/house sitter. Once upon a time, I had a neighbor who would help me basically anytime I needed it, being next door. In return, I would give her a little bit of money, or buy something she needed, like a gallon of milk, etc? I have a new neighbor who helps out, but I have a bad feeling I am wearing out the helpful neighbor. I don't want to, I hate it... I pay her $5 a visit roughly or sometimes when my money is really low, ten dollars. Basically I am running out of options. I have an ex roommate who used to cat sit for me all the time. She loves animals. She now has a cat of her own, so I would have to allow the other cat over, of course.... Only, I fear my cats getting fleas as it occasionally goes outside. My cats are all indoors, and are not treated. I can't afford the disaster of a flea infestation, especially with three cats....

I was thinking of getting an auto feeder. ONly thing is with three cats, and one of them a BIG eater, and over weight. I am afraid they will free feed and possible run out of food. They are also very smart, and rambunctious. I am afraid the sight and smell of food will cause them to knock the thing over, bat it to the point they are over fed, eTC. One of the cats is not a big eater. I could close her in my room with a auto feeder or even a big bowl of food/water, and litter box and she would be fine. The other two though if left to their own devices would steal her food. Any suggestions? I sometimes pet sit out of town. Sigh.. I need to pet sit because I make a great deal, but if I had to hire a pet sitter it would basically cut out my profits

There is another lady in my neighborhood with three cats of her own, retired, always at home. I could potentially ask her, only I have only talked to her once. Feel awkward and leery to ask her, especially someone i don't really know. I recently gave her a case of cat food I can no longer use, as my cat is on a special diet.

Any suggestions I am not thinking of WOULD be appreciated. Any suggestions on moderately priced pet food feeders that work. I have heard some stories of them not working, food not coming out.

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Human likes this one: Petsafe 5 compartment feeder It works for both dry and canned food. You'll probably want each cat to have his or her own feeder thinking

The ex-roommate might work out ok if you use flea prevention on your cats thinking Your vet can prescribe a flea preventative treatment like Revolution or Advantage. Why does the ex-roommate need to bring her cat over if she pet sits for you?


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Flea preventive time three equals a lot of expense. I know I sound like a horrible pet parent.

I would assume she would need to bring kitty with her because she doesn't have a car. Her car was totaled. I will heck out the auto feeder. I sound like a horrible person I know. It isn't that I don't want to give someone their due it is just I am barely making it right now, and need as much of the pet sitting funds as I can to make a dent in my bills.


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I have decided to check into auto feeders and to have my neighbor check in, clean the litter box once a day.


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I bought a Wireless Whiskers feeder for Snowflake. You can read her profile page for the background, but basically she was a stray/abandoned pet who showed up on our doorstep starving to death and we decided to adopt her. My wife is asthmatic and allergic to cats, so initially we thought we'd make her an outdoor cat and just come up with a feeding solution for her and she'd show up at meal times for food and petting/brushing. We have a lot of stray and feral cats in the neighborhood so we wanted to make sure only Snowflake had access to the food, which was a bit tricky. The Wireless Whiskers feeder worked very well for doing just that. It has doors that are RFID activated, so you have to put a small tag on the cat's collar for it to work. It's actually a pretty slick system. For the first week it monitors how much the cat eats, then sets a daily food allowance based on that (or you can manually set an allowance). You can either have the doors open all the time and close when the cat has reached its daily food allowance, or keep them closed and open them only when the cat is at the feeder (unless it's eaten its full allowance for the day). It was pretty funny - we had a bunch of very frustrated feral cats on our patio wondering why they could see and smell food but couldn't get to it.

Since we bought the feeder, one thing has lead to another and now Snowflake is a 100% indoor cat, so we aren't using the auto feeder anymore. I haven't decided if I'm going to keep it or try to sell it on Craigslist or eBay. It might still come in handy for an occasional overnight or weekend trip. It's a little pricey at $150 or so but I can see it being very handy for some people.

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It's not cheap, but my brother has one of these and likes it:
http://www.amazon.com/Super-Feeder-Automatic-Digital-Capacity/d p/B005PZ0HQM