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should I worry?

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Princess Mits
Purred: Tue Oct 1, '13 10:41pm PST 
Ok so I have been trying to switch over to wet food for our kitten, she is about 3-4 month. And initaly, she loved it. I still have a bag of dry food left over so I leave that out as well (doc said she should eat as much as she wants right now) which she always seemed to like but it seems she is eating less, not really finishing a small can or much dry. Now, she is easting but its just a lot less...could this have anything to do with the water fountine we set up for her? My huband built her a house and a platform to reach the shelve where he repurposed an old decortive fountin for her and she loves it. She drinks all the time but I'm getting worried. Behavior she seems fine but her she is so small it seems she is always changing so I don't know when I should worry... TIA


Ambassador at- the Kitty U.N.
Purred: Wed Oct 2, '13 4:46am PST 
Kittens will sometimes have a growth spurt and eat more for a while, but it's rare that they will lose their appetite unless something is wrong. I don't see any connection to the water fountain.

One other thing - you may want to do a little research on nutrition and the many reasons dry food is not good for cats. Your vet is right that a kitten should have as much to eat as they want, but it shouldn't be kibble. Check out for more info.

Meanwhile, if her appetite doesn't pick up I would take her in for an exam.


Princess Mits
Purred: Wed Oct 2, '13 2:38pm PST 
Yeah, which is why i'm trying to switch her over to a more healthy, wet food. but i still have some dry food left over so i'm trying finish that off. Plus i wanted to introduce her new food gradually, and find what she likes.


I'm the Alpha- cat!
Purred: Wed Oct 2, '13 3:34pm PST 
"OLD" fountain?? Is it food grade? It could have bactieria being "OLD" and unkeeped. I'm scared of "decorative" & not been food grade. There of a lot of things out there and if the plastic is not food grade stop using it!!! Remember the plastic that contained is it BPA, they had baby bottles with BPA and those were pulled market.