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Princess Mits
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Ok so i think im going to start mittens, our 12 week old girl on wet food. the only problem is i don't know where to start!

I went to target today to see what they had and i was surprised mine didn't have much of a selection. I found lots of things like FF, which i know she LOVES but it makes her box smell and most importantly i was hoping for something healthier, grain free if possible. i also went to my local health food store and there was only a few brand there, such as tiki cat. didnt look bad but i dont think they are grain free and mostly tuna types. all the others seemed great but VERY exspensive

i ended up getting one from trader joes, i don't think its grain free but it seemed fairly healthy for the price and i think its a good place to start.

I guess my question is what recommendations do you have for afordable, yet healthy cat food? also, how should i switch her over? because she is a kitten the vet said to leave food for her out and let her eat as much as she wants at this stage. can i leave caned food out or day or should i supplement it will dry food also?

Thanks so much!big hug


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You could put some wet food down, and as long as it is not hot, it will be ok for a while. Mine will sometimes come back in an hour to finish up. Since one of my cats (Smitty) is the equivalent of a vacuum, I cannot leave food down all the time, so with Felix, I just fed him several times through the day. Luckily I work from home, so it was easy for me. I would give Mittens breakfast & dinner & at least a "snack" before bed. Depending on what time you get up, you could give her breakfast & then a little bit before you leave for the day. Mine do get a little bit of dry, but they are about 95 wet food. Yes it can ridiculously expensive shock. With 4 their "grocery" bill is as much as my household of 3 adults! Take a look at some of the Friskies - they do have some grain free and can be more reasonable. Fish is ok, but not every day. Mine get a variety: Halo shredded, Merrick Bistro, Nature's Variety, Natural Balance, Friskies, Purina Pro-plan chicken & liver. They get at the most, a few kibbles of dry as their bedtime snack of Halo sensitive stomach chicken or Merrick chicken. (Maizy has a touchy tummy) The more wet food though, the better. And you can even put a tiny bit of water in the food too. A kitten should be fed as much as they wish, they have lots of growing to do! After about a year, you can monitor their amounts more to prevent an over weight kitty. The other thing I forgot to add in my other answer to you is water! They will get alot of their water from wet food, but the more they drink the better - it will prevent urinary issues & is good for them. I have 2 bowls in my kitchen, and a stainless steel fountain in my living room. Best is to buy only 1 or 2 kinds of food at first, because too much changing around can cause an upset tummy & diarrhea. Plus to me, it doesn't matter how good a food is if the cat won't eat it! a good site is catinfo.org - lots of info & also alot of food info on IBDkitties.net. Plus we are always here to help! cat on moonwaveway to go
ps I seemed to remember reading somewhere that Trader Joe's was grain free...not positive. And if she is eating just dry right now, give her a little wet and less dry each time you feed. INcrease the wet til she is switched over. Some cats will just dive into the wet food without a second thought.

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I posetd a reply in your other thread http://www.catster.com/forums/Food_and_Nutrition/thread/784054 wave

Here's a list of grain-free canned food brands: http://www.catster.com/forums/Food_and_Nutrition/thread/774137

Health food type stores only have a very limited selection of pet foods and some of those foods may not be grain-free shrug Stick with pet stores smile

Wellness is similar to Fancy Feast and costs just a little more. Most of theregular Wellness varieties have a grain-free triangle on the label. Wellness CORE is all grain-free. You can find Wellness at all chain pet stores and specialty pet stores/boutiques. Human has even seen it at Whole Foods but the selection is very limited shrug Here's a store locator for Wellness: http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/store-locator.aspx

Some people buy the large 12.5 oz can of Wellness to save money, especially if they have multiple cats. A single cat probably won't go through a 12.5 oz can in a week thinking The 5.5 oz can are a better choice.

Take a look at what brands the local pet stores sell and how much they cost. Chain pet stores often have monthly sales. Buying a case of food can also save money.

Limit seafood to once in awhile meals or treats. Too much seafood can be hard on the kidneys and some cats get addicted to eating it and will refuse to eat anything else.

Canned food can be left out all day way to go No need for any dry at all. You might want to use a programmable timed feeder to spread the food out all day. Human likes the PetSafe 5 compartment feeder. 3 or 4 mini meals spread throughout the day is plenty for most kittens.

Mix some new food int with the old food over the course of a week or so until the kitten is eating just the new food way to go


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Merlin, I know your guys don't eat a lot but a 5.5 or 6 oz can of food is meant to be a day's worth for an average size cat. That means the large cans are two day's worth, or one day's worth for two cats. I believe that's how people use them.

Merlin's right - you can rotate higher end grain free brands in with cheaper brands like Friskies pate flavors. Stay away from fish and anything with gravy if possible.

Miss Puff

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Did you know that ALL of the new Nutro Natural Choice wet food, are ALL Grain Free?
Best part is, that if you do do not like the food, you can rinse out the tin and return it / them to the store and get a complete refund. cheer

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Don't worry about what food you can find locally, find out what is the best and set up automatic shipping with with an online store, like Amazon.com or Chewy.com, whichever gives you the best total price. I found it was actually cheaper than at the store, and I do not have to think about food (or litter) anymore. I get Orijen dry food from Chewy, they do not carry it anywhere near me. They have over 300 choices for grain-free wet cat food, so you can be really picky!

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Tiki has two grain-free chicken flavours with no fish: Chicken, and Chicken with Egg. They actually smell really appetizing to me as well LOL. My favourite wet foods (I feed only grain-free) are: Tiki, Weruva, BFF, Wellness, and Nature's Variety Instinct. I don't know where you are located, but a lot of pet food stores give you a 5% discount if you buy a case of wet food at a time (either 12 or 24 cans). Global Pet Food stores also have a frequent buyer program on their Tiki cans, so every 7th one is free.

Fancy Feast isn't the greatest food, but it is a good price. I fed some FF and Friskies when the kittens first got here and it made their poop huge. I also don't like that Friskies has colour added.