Am I feeding my kittens enough?

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My male (9 months - Mitra) and female (5 months - Starbuck) kittens get 6oz of wet food a day plus 1/4 cup of kitten dry food. Mitra eats adult wet food as the vet recommended we switch him since he is nearly full size.

They used to get 3-4 meals per day and a greater number of calories but we recently switched them to twice a day to manage his weight better. I've noticed that they seem to run around and play chase a lot more now that they are eating less. Is this normal and healthy? Are they perhaps chasing each other because they're irritable and hungry? They usually have fun playing but because they are running even more, I'm a little worried I am not feeding them enough.


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At 9 months you can monitor the amount he gets. Your 5 month old should still be eating as much as he wants. I started measuring with all of mine about 10 10 1/2 months old. I would say an average adult cat about 10-12 lbs would eat a 6 oz can per day.