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I would like to continue feeding my kittens (5 months) both wet and dry food. However, they never seem to eat all at one time. I know naturally they would have small meals during the day, so it's just instinct, but the wet food doesn't last long enough to be worth it. Is there some way to get them to eat it right when it's set down? I currently have a half free feed when it comes to the dry food. I'll fill it in the morning and it won't be filled until the next morning. Then they get a can of wet food at night, which they practically waste. Should I take away the dry food after a certain amount of time? Just any suggestions about a good feeding schedule would be helpful. Thanks!


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What are you feeding for canned, and how long do you leave it out before you pick it up? I have seen canned food left out dry up and turn colors, but I leave raw out for 6 hours a day and while the cat will finish eating after about 3 hours, I don't remove it. I say just leave it out until they're done eating.

Also, cats that are fed kibble are unlikely to want canned especially when both are offered -- if you remove kibble, you may find your cats taking more interest in the canned.

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Most cats and kittens do well on several mini meals daily smile Use a programmable timed feeder way to go Each compartment of the feeder can be filled with canned food. A feeder with a digital programmable timer works best, like the Petsafe 5 compartment feeder. Some feeders have an ice pack feature to keep the food cool. Or you can just add water to the food to keep it fryom drying out too fast or freeze canned food into cubes with a silicone ice cube tray and place the frozen cubes into the feeder to slowly defrost.

Even if you don't use a feeder, canned food is ok if left out all day at reasonable room temperature, around 70F or so. It'll get dry but most cats are ok with that.

1 oz of canned is generally a good amount for a meal. Try giving 1 oz meals using the timed feeder. With two cats, you might want to use 2 feeders so the cats aren't fighting over one thinking

What kinds of canned food are you feeding? Try different textures and flavors to see what the kittens like. Gravy foods are almost always a big hit with cats.

How much dry are you feeding? I would limit the dry to no more than 1/2 cup a day if possible. Even better is be to elminate all dry food and only feed canned.


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I'm feeding them Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten for dry and wet. It's not that they don't like the wet food, because they eat it. It's just they don't eat it right away and after a while (to me at least) it doesn't look very appetizing. I'm home except for a few hours each day, so feeding smaller meals isn't a problem. Dry and wet aren't down at the same time and they go at each with the same vigor (or lack thereof), but I don't mind the dry being left out for a few hours because it doesn't change in that time like the wet does. How many times a day should I feed them?


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You may not think the dry goes bad like the wet does, but if you look at the statistics, it's dry food that is real problem with dangerous bacteria. You might do some research into the best food for cats. My favorite site is catinfo.org, but there are many out there. Meanwhile, cut down on the dry if you can't eliminate it and leave the canned out - just because it looks unappetizing to us doesn't mean it's not good.