Wet food spoiling really fast?

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I give my cat wet food twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. For the past few days I've been noticing that the cans I open spoil really fast. The first one spoiled after two days in the fridge, when usually it keeps for four days. I remembered that the pet shop owner said that it can only keep for a few days in the can after being opened (I usually cover it with a plastic bag and a rubber band and I never had a problem before), so I tried transferring it to a sealed container after opening. It spoiled after a few hours in the fridge. I opened a third can and decided to freeze portions (I read that some people here do it), so I gave him a portion for breakfast, kept a portion in a sealed plastic bag for dinner, and froze the rest. Now I went to take out the portion for dinner and it's spoiled! I have no idea how the frozen ones fare yet, I guess I'll know tomorrow.
My refrigerator is working fine (nothing else spoils), and the food is the same brand as always. It smells fine when I open it but after a few hours in the fridge it just starts to smell rotten. I thought maybe my sense of smell was off, since I've had a cold the last few days, but the cat doesn't touch the food either after the first bite.

Any thoughts? I'm clueless. I don't want to change the food because it's the only one I can find here that doesn't have either fish or chicken in it (he's allergic to both). Not to mention, if I keep throwing away food after I open it it's going to make a real dent in my pocket.


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Cat food gets stinky. Is it a real sour smell or just strong? I use the little snap-on plastic lids right on the can. They usually finish the can the next day. Maybe your kitty doesn't like the food chilled. Try taking it out to sit for a little bit or microwave it for like 8-10 seconds. That might help. It really should not be spoiling that fast. What brand is it may I ask? I feed an assortment of brands, and haven't had that happen - but anything is possible but maybe using the lid rather than plastic wrap might help. Try calling the company to see what they say.


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I agree with Maizy that you might want to give the company who makes it a call or an email. There could be something wrong with it. At the very least, they should be able to send you come coupons or vouchers or something to offset the cost of any food that you had to throw away. thinking

Does the food come in smaller size cans? If so, you might try buying those. It might be more expensive, but less would get wasted.


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I never had that happen with canned food. Rotten after a few hours? confused My cats eat Friskies canned and it'll keep in the fridge for several days. Maybe your fridge needs to be set lower. I keep mine at 36F.


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Its most likely your sense of smell right now. Try taking it out of can as soon as you open it, and put it in a glass jar (not plastic) Then I would not microwave it, but instead add some warm water to it to make it a bit soupy, see how that works.
What brand is it?


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Thank you for all of your replies! The brand is la cat. I don't think the problem is with the fridge since nothing changed there. I didn't know plastic is a problem - I'll try putting it in a glass jar, thanks for the tip! For now I've just been freezing it in batches after I open the can, but then I can't feed him immediately but have to wait until it thaws.