Canned food free of both guar gum and carrageenan??

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I have found only four canned foods free of both guar gum and carrageenan: Fromm, Lotus, Weruva, and Tiki. Are there any others out there??

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Guar guam and carrageen are used as thickeners. So avoid jelly (aspic) and most gravy/sauce based foods. Flaked/minced/cubed/etc foods can still contain or or both of these so be sure to read the label.

Nature's Variety Instinct, the original and the Limited Ingredients, does not contain guar gum or carrageen. The flaked varieties of the new Nature's Variety Pride by Instinct line also does not contain guar gum or carrageenan.


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What are you supposed to do if your kitty will only eat wet food if it HAS sauce/gravy? confused
For my girl it comes down to a choice between a diet of kibble which she loves (she was a dry food addict all of her life) or canned Wellness. It took a long time to get her off of the dry food, it only happened when I discovered the Wellness Chicken & Turkey Cubed and Minced varieties in sauce. She also has a little Blue Buffalo but again, she will only eat the gravy varieties.
I spent many sleepness nights (no lie) worried about gravy vs pate' and whether I am making a mistake taking her off kibble but I really want to keep her on wet food for the rest of her life.


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You can try Forti Flora sprinkled on pate food. Forti Flora is a probiotic, but it's flavored with the same thing they spray on kibble that seems to make it irresistible to cats. You can order it online or ask your vet if they carry it.


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Since we eat an occasional can of Weruva (has varieties guar gum and carrageenan free), my owner did ask a pet nutrionist about this additive. He was told it was only likely to be harmful in high concentrations. My owner will look into the Flora recommendation but also has pretty good luck just mixing pates with a little water and slightly warming it in the microwave (on defrost mode). We will usually eat that.

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Here's the product info for feline FortiFlora: http://www.purinaveterinarydiets. com/Product/FortiFloraFelineProbioticNutritionalSupplement.aspx

Your vet can sell this to you or you can buy it online. It is not sold in any pet store.

It's intended for use as a probiotic supplement but it works great to transition cats to canned or raw food or to just make food more tasty smile The main ingredient is animal digest, the same stuff that many dry foods are coated in and what gets cats addicted to eating it. A little sprinkle of FortiFlora is all you need.


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This wet food does not contain carageenan or guar gum
Go to a site called firstmate.com

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Some of the foods listed have xantham gun and locust bean gum.


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A bit of water added can make a gravy. To me, I would rather have mine eat wet food - even with those ingredients, it surely has to be better than all kibble..right?