I Opened A Can of Worms-HELP!

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Okay, I have 2 cats, Jarod is fat & healthy, Amira has cancer & is down to 4 pounds. I began feeding them canned wet food to try & get Amira to gain weight. IT'S TOO EXPENSIVE to keep this up.

I've been buying Fancy Feast & it's not enough..to satisfy both of them, I would need to get a minimum of 4 cans a day! (2 for each). NOW I can't get them to touch dry food!

I bought Purina One Smart Blend....it looked like a better quality dry food with more protein & I can get it at the regular store with my groceries. I don't drive & it's difficult to get to a specialty store --BUT-- if I were to get a good quality food at a specialty store, 1) would they be satisfied with less than the Fancy Feast..since it theoretically would be better quality? 2) What should I do about them having opposite needs????

Now, I DID look around & saw this to be used as a supplement for Jarod that would help him lose weight: Fruitables Pumpkin Formula Weight Loss which can be found here: http://www.onlynaturalpet.com/products/Fruitables-Pumpkin-Formula-We ight-Loss/420017.aspx

I wondered if feeding him the 5 teaspoons of this along with a dry food would satisfy him and he wouldn't mind Amira getting more wet food than he gets.

I've just got a dilemma..should I keep trying to feed Amira wet food? (I have no idea how long she has..she's still active & eating.)

What's the best thing for me to do? And please don't recommend a Raw Food diet..I barely cook for myself..plus that's even more expensive. Thanks for any advice. cat on moon


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Don't put them on dry food - in my opinion you're just asking for more health issues. Fancy Feast is not really a cost effective food. I would try the Friskies pate flavors - they're similar to FF at half the price. Is it the highest quality food out there? No, but it is low carb, gluten-free and will help with weight loss while keeping them hydrated.


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I completely agree with BK. It took a long time to get my kibble addict to eat canned food, it is so much better for her.
Indeed, get the Friskies pate, it is quite a bit cheaper than Fancy Feast, you get almost twice the amount and it's easy to find in just about any store. And it really isn't ALL that bad for a canned food if you read the ingredients.

IMHO even the lousiest wet food is preferable to an all dry diet.

Also seeing that your dear Amira is ill I would certainly let her eat whatever makes her happy. Let her enjoy what time she has. She is a beautiful calico girl.

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Thank you so much for your responses. When I first thought about getting some canned food to try to help Amira to gain weight, my brain just automatically thought of Fancy Feast & that it would easily be gotten with my groceries..Friskies Pate IS so much cheaper & let's hope healthier than FF. Thanks! cat on moon


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My cats love Friskies and it comes in a lot of flavors. It can be found as cheap at .46 at WalMart and when on sale, .44 a can. It not much different than Fancy Feast. smile

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Mine eat some Friskies too. Nine Lives can be even a little cheaper. Target has a 12 pack of pate flavors for $4.94 which is about 42 cents per can. Perhaps you can find some cheaper prices online - there are places that deliver monthly. But truly wet is better if you can stick with it - I have had issues with mine, and mostly have resolved with them eating mostly wet.