leaving my cat with someone while I'm on vacation--but I don't like the food they freefeed

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Well, I'm going on vacation in a couple weeks, and will be leaving the cat with someone I know.
This person is an experience cat owner, has raised a lot of kittens (since Oreo is a kitten himself, I thought this was good), and I really trust her to do a good job.

The problem...?
1. She swears by Purina (dry food)
2. She freefeeds

She does feed canned food once a day. And I've taken care of her cats while she was away in the past, so they appear to eat the same variety of wet food that Oreo does.
And I'll leave some of Oreo's food with her. No raw, though. She has some strong opinions on that subject, and I'd rather avoid a lecture.

Um...well, aside from really disliking that brand of dry food in the first place, I'm concerned that Oreo will gain unneeded weight from freefeeding. Then again, he is a kitten, and very, very active.

I'll let her know about my concerns. And I'll let her know that I want Oreo to eat the food I provide. But, I can't just ask her to stop leaving her food out for her cats, I don't think.
Will a couple weeks be that big of a deal?


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And while there are plenty of options for boarding here (I've looked into them a bit), I don't think we can really afford it. So unless we have no other choice, we kinda can't...
We'll probably have to board my dog, as it is.

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Can you hire a pet sitter to come to your house twice a day to take care of the cat and dog? thinking That way your cat can be fed exactly what you want. Ask the vet techs at the vet's office if they pet sit on the side. Many do for the extra money smile Or ask around for recommendations.

Yes Purina is junk but there are people who believe what the pet food companies and pretty tv commercials and ads tell them shrug It's their decision to feed their own cats whatever they want, even if it's junk cheap dry food. You can try to educate them a bit but don't expect much shrug

There's no guarantee that the lady will feed your cat the food you provide and only at specific times shrug A couple weeks of junk food likely won't hurt thinking It's years and years of nothing but dry food that is a problem. Maybe the lady can keep Oscar in a separate room from the other cats so he doesn't eat the junk food? thinking


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As anti-kibble as I am, if it's just a week or two I wouldn't worry about it. You have to do the best you can with the resources you have and if you have an experienced catsitter that wants to feed what she feeds, you'll have to live with it. As long as he has access to canned if he wants it, it shouldn't cause a problem for the very short term.


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As a pet sitter myself, I adjust my home life to the needs of the animal I am watching. Feta, my mother's dog, eats Pure Balance, which they just sit out for her. I am currently watching a favorite client of mine, Lena, and she eats at set times and she eats Diamond. I make sure Feta's food gets put up around mealtimes.

Pet sitting is a job I take seriously. I think she shouldn't let Oreo eat what he isn't supposed to, no matter her take on food... It wouldn't hurt him, and he might not even touch it (my kittens are picky). But overall, it comes down to the consideration this person will have to follow your directions.

Pet sitting and pet watching is about reliability and trust.


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If she is set on Nestle Purina products, would she be willing to try a Nestle Purina that you buy? Ask her if you buy her a bag of Canyon Creek Ranch for free feeding you she put it and only that out while you are gone? It is only $19.00 at Petco and there is a $5 off coupon on their website. CCR is wholly owned subsidiary of Nestle Purina. CCR is the best Nestle Purina makes in my opinion. I like is better than Purina One Beyond. CCR has NO corn, wheat, soy, by product, dyes or preservatives and it is not junk.

http://www.canyoncreekranch.com/product/dry-cat-food-natura l-chicken-brown-rice-mix-for-adults