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Hi all! big grin

So, after learning the better benefits of canned food for Bubbles, I told my mom about how kibble can be a bit dreadful for cats (my mom was shocked). She has relented to a 50/50 can and dry diet (she has a very very tight budget) for the two cats she has.

Currently, the cats eat Purina Cat Chow silenced

Although I have been giving them cans of Fancy Feast.. Because I can't spare anymore money out of my pocket for other pets that aren't mine to eat exceptionally well, but Fancy Feast is better than nothing.

So, I have convinced her to but TOTW kibble, but I also need to recommend a budget friendly canned food. The cats will get one can apiece in the morning and kibble in the evening. So what brand is cheap, but generally alright for the cats?

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What is affordable to you?

Tonka ate canned and when I couldn't afford Wellness, I fed him Fancy Feast. There were some flavors/varieties that weren't awful.

Occasionally at the supermarket, I was able to find canned that didn't include wheat or corn and listed meat sources -- usually some off-brand, and I had to spend time reading the labels.


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It is actually my mom who I am inquiring for (I feed a rotational of Halo, Wellness, NB, etc). Her income is tight, so a $25 bag of dry is already steep. The canned food might have to be a little under $1 a can. She's willing to put $45 toward this months cat food budget. So I was thinking of just finding her sale foods (Nutro is .70 a can) and rotating that with something like Friskies.

There is also a canned food called Tiki Cat? It's relatively inexpensive.. I'm just compiling ideas for her and her cats.


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I have to keep costs down for my fosters so I feed them Friskies pate flavors. That way they're getting all canned food with no wheat gluten. It's not the best quality but they get the moisture they need and the food is low carb. I've even gotten diabetic fosters off insulin with Friskies. If she feeds a cheaper canned maybe she could decrease the dry food.

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Tiki Cat is all seafood based food shrug You don't want to feed that brand exclusively. Seafood is low in protein, high in phosphorus which can be hard for the kidneys to filter out, some types of fish may contain mercury, some cats get addicted to eating seafood and will refuse to eat anything else shrug

There's nothing wrong with Fancy Feast or Friskies. It's affordable for many people and easily available at supermarkets and Wal Mart, Target, etc. There are often coupons for these brands and sales. Special Kitty, a Wal Mart brand, is another inexpensive choice that's similar to Fancy Feast.

Is $45 her monthly budget for food? You can buy a case of 12 or 24 good quality canned food for about that much money thinking Independent pet stores are usually good at letting you buy cases of food. Check with your local store smile I know that Fancy Feast and Friskie can be bought in cases at chain pet stores and Wal Mart but the selection isn't huge shrug Just 3 varieties in a case of something like "Grilled Collection" or "Saeafood Lovers".

The bag of TOTW dry food should last a few months so your Mom will only need to spend $45 for canned food next month thinking Could your Mom feed canned food twice a day and just leave some dry food out in between? thinking

Oh and definitely add water to the canned food to help make up for the lack of water in the dry food. A well hydrated cat is a healthy one way to go Some cats will eat soupy canned food, others will not. So just experiment with different amounts of water to see what the cats will eat.


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Well yes Merlin big grin I am still discussing it with her. She is a die hard kibble fan, so I am having trouble convincing her cheap canned is better than kibble. Today we discussed Friskies and Tiki Cat rotational and getting a small bag of kibble for in between, since $45 will buy a whole lot of cans, and a 4lb bag of kibble.

Monday we will be scoping out some cans at the petstore.

And I did actually did tell her about adding water smile I add water to Bubbles' canned.


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There are two Tiki Cat varieties that do not contain sea food, Koolina Luau and Puka Puka Luau. The first is chicken and egg, and the second is just chicken. If you can find those two varieties for a reasonable price, it is an excellent food from one of the better companies out there. One of only two commercial brands that I allow in my house. It is absolutely zero carb, does not contain any nasty ingredients, and is truly human grade, being produced in a facility alongside food intended for human consumption.


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Thanks Amber! I think Tiki Cat is good choice for my mom, and it is relieving to hear they have non sea food varieties! way to go She likes the idea of a rotational too, so now I've got one more brand to scope out.

I saw these on sale foods (all under $1) she can stock up on:

Canyon Creek Ranch
Nutro Natural Choice

I think CCR has menadione in it, but its position on the ingredients list doesn't seem too troubling.