I eat plastic bags and I don't know why

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Psycho kitty
Purred: Mon Jun 17, '13 9:35am PST 
Meow meow Hello!! I'm Mikko! My owner wants to know why I eat plastic bags, and I do to?? I chew plastic bags with the side of my mouth, like when my human comes home with grocery's I sniff them, then of course, chew them. She doesn't like it.......I don't know what I think other than, why? I really don't know, its just a habit I guess. Any ideas? kitty >^..^< thinking

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Mon Jun 17, '13 4:53pm PST 
Could be a conditon called pica thinking Cats with pica will eat anything, even non-food objects. Has the cat seen the vet lately? If not, schedule an appointment soon. The vet can determine if it is pica or not. I heard that some types of plastic bags are made with fish oil which some cats may find tasty shrug

Keep all plastic bags away from the cat. Plastic bags in general can be harmful, just like it is for children and babies. A cat can sauffocate in a bag or eat a piece of the bag and have serious intestinal blockage.