Pill Pockets Allergy Formula Question

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The Most- Beautiful Girl- In The World
Purred: Sun Jun 16, '13 8:39am PST 
Mommy has been giving me the kitty pill pockets for my heart medicine now for 2 months and I love them, its the only way I will take my meds. As long as mommy drops one of these in my food I am one very happy girl cos without these "treats" I would snap my mommy's finger off like a crocodile laugh out loud (yes i would even though I love her)
But mommy thinks that the wheat gluten may be the cause of my itchy ears. see I have always had this issue so mommy got me off of grains and switched me to wet food only and I was getting pretty good but now it's back. The vet checked and I dont have mites but I keep shaking my head and scratching.
Mommy wants to see if it's the pill pockets even though I only eat 2 a day but the allergy formula for kittys has been discontinued it seems. According to the ingredients there is no wheat gluten.
Mommy is wondering if it would be ok if I get my pill in the doggie version or if any other kittys' mommys or daddys have used the canine version of the duck & pea.
I thinks it's sad they would stop making this, we felines have allergies too and our jaws can be more lethal than any doggie when someone is trying to make us take a pill kitty

Beatrice- (Miss You!- '94-'12)

The very Beast- of all

Purred: Sun Jun 16, '13 2:05pm PST 
The dog versions are fine. They have the same ingredients, so the only real difference is the size of the pockets themselves.

We always used the dog Pill Pockets because, if you're on medication long-term, the dog ones are much cheaper in the long run. Your mom will just have to break them into smaller pieces to squish your pill into.

Hope you're feeling better soon, Cali! hug

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Sun Jun 16, '13 4:30pm PST 
You can feed the dog version of the allergy Pill Pockets way to go They're almost the exact same formula as the cat ones (one or two minor differences I think) and won't harm your cat at all smile

You don't need the entire dog Pill Pocket, just enough to completely coat the outside of your pills to mask any taste or smell.

Lots of people have complained to Greenies about the discontinued cat allergy Pill Pockets shrug I'm not sure if Greenies will bring them back shrug


The Most- Beautiful Girl- In The World
Purred: Sun Jun 16, '13 5:56pm PST 
Thank you so much, both of you for your advice. I will be going to our local Pet Supplies Plus Tuesday and will pick up a pack of the duck & pea variety
Cali loves the chicken so I will be sure to have her try a couple of the new ones without a pill just to get her reaction. And I can then start breaking them in two or so for the med. It is a 1/4 tab of atenolol so it is a very small piece.

I plan to call Greenies to let them know my displeasure at discontinuing an item that many kitties with allergies need. I will let you know if my eating machine girl likes this flavor.

On a side note, I saw the beautiful photos of Beatrice, I understand the pain and frustration of losing a kitty to HCM. Cali is our second kitty with heart disease.


The Most- Beautiful Girl- In The World
Purred: Tue Jun 18, '13 2:57pm PST 
Well I bought the doggie allergy pockets and to my surprise Cali ate it. They are so large I cut them in half and squish them around the pill. I was relieved that she took to this stinky version so well.

BUT, she has had two pills with these new pockets and has puked both times. Found some this morning when I got up and she just did one an hour ago. This one was 6 hours later so thankfully her pill was long ago dissolved. The one i found this morning also had no pill visible (yes i did examine it closely- yuck) The pukes were not watery either, I see food pieces in it and it was still rather "well formed" so-to-speak.

She is NOT a puker this one, she will go months before even leaving a hair ball. I can only conclude it is the pocket.
I will go back to the regular chicken kitty pocket tonight, see what happens then search for another option minus the gluten. Such a disappointment frown