New Wellness canned food

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They are the Signature Selects. Lots of Shredded, Chunks and Flaked meats. 2.8 oz or 5.3 oz cans, I guess to keep the price down. Must be the in thing to print the can label on the cans upside down. I'd like to try the turkey with chicken one. I'm hoping Petco has a coupon for a free one.


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The Wellness rep was in my store this week with a brochure about these new foods. I'm totally excited to bring them in! He gave me a couple of sample cans, but Kyubey wouldn't dream of eating something with shrimp in it, so I gave them to one of my employees. big grin

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I went to PetSmart today as I had a litta cash left in my gift card for my Kally Kat.
I couldn't believe it, they had the new Wellness Signature shredded meats with sauce, not gravy.shock

So, I bought just the one can of the,

Signature Selects Chunky Turkey & White Meat Chicken Entrée in Sauce

I have the web link should you be interested!

Kally Kat ate it all & she really liked it, I juss gave her 1 Tablespoon to start with.

I have coupons & forgot to bring them with me, they are the printable for $1.00 off for 1 product only.
I signed up for their e - newsletter then, you get the coupons to print at home!

http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/product-details.aspx?pet= cat&pid=154

Kally Kat loves Turkey & Chicken the best.

Thank you Cookie for sharing with us all!

Kyubey, aw the shrimp was a no go!
Yew might juss like the chicken/turkey one! thinking

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