Instinct canned food?

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Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Wed Apr 3, '13 9:07am PST 
Yes, NV sources rabbit from China:

Do you source from China?

At Nature's Variety, our nutritional philosophy is to source the highest quality, safest, and most nutritious ingredients in the world. We look for our ingredients domestically first. In the case of rabbit meat, we've found that the best supply of high quality, human grade rabbit is found in China. Therefore, we are currently sourcing rabbit meat specifically for our raw and canned rabbit diets from a trusted supplier in China. To help ensure that our strict quality and safety standards are rigorously enforced, this rabbit meat is regularly inspected and monitored by the PhD food scientist we have on staff. Additionally, members of the Nature’s Variety leadership team have personally visited and inspected the facility in China. We also employ extra testing (at an independent lab in the United States) to ensure that the rabbit is nothing short of our strictest standards for quality and nutrition.


You don't have to feed the rabbit if you're not comfortable about where it came from smile There are other Instinct varietes you can feed. And there are other similar brands you can feed: Innova EVO, Merrick Before Grain, By Nature, etc.

Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

Purred: Wed Apr 3, '13 4:43pm PST 
Hello Beep & furriends, wave

You are so fortunate to have a holistic Vet who is so well informed when it comes into the whole nutrition for your pet!

We had a holistic Vet, but she took on another job at a clinic that's all Alternative Pet Care.
She's about 5 towns away, too far & very expensive!

She was very knowledgeably. DR.R says all wet grain - free is best & even freeze dried like Stella & Chewy is great!

Nature's Variety Instincts grain - free is one brand that Kally Kat loves!
The Rabbit formula is her favorite.
It's like a litta wild cat in her that comes out! laugh out loud

This Forum, Food & Nutrition is an excellent place to learn what's best for our furrbabies. I've learned so much here.

Thanks to Merlin Angel's Mom, she very smart & informative! cheer

Beep, at this site you may come across the opportunity to get some coupons from Nature's Variety.
You can print them out from your home printer when available.
They sure help with the high cost of foods & pet care we are all face with.

Kally Kat big hug


Purred: Thu Apr 4, '13 2:46pm PST 
My cats prefer the dog version of Instinct because it seem to have more moisture- which is good for cats anyway. You can sign up to receive coupons from their website.


Knead softly &- carry a big purr
Purred: Fri Apr 5, '13 1:43pm PST 
Tig loves the rabbit - but sometimes they are out & at the price it is a treat. Are there other brands that have rabbit not from China I wonder? Shade! Hey! I gotta look for the pork one. For my kits, I have tried some Welness Core, and it seems to be richer. They eat it & get this squiggy eye face, kinda like when you eat something really sour ya know? Mine all prefer pate style, so I have to mash everything up or put it in a tiny food processor. Maizy has to be on a limited ingred diet now, so I will have to try them for her. She eats Natural Balance LID now

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Fri Apr 5, '13 5:01pm PST 
Water can be added to any canned food to get extra water into the cat smile

Here are some other brands with rabbit varieties:

ZiwiPeak Rabbit and Lamb - This is a New Zealand brand and the rabbit is sourced from that country.
Hound & Gatos American Rabbit - The only brand with 98% meat applause The rabbit is sourced in the US way to go
Addiction Black Forest Rabbit and Blueberries Entree
By Nature Rabbit Stew
Wysong Au Jus 95% meat

Some of these brands contain fruits and/or veggies which many will agree that cats do not need in their diets.

A rich diet isn't great for cats. Some cats are sensitive to rich fatty foods and develop pancreatitis which is quite painful.

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My name is not- Kittyfloss!
Purred: Sat Apr 6, '13 6:38am PST 
Plus 1 for the Ziwipeak; the boys love it, probably their most favorite of all canned foods. However, this is the food that will really empty your bank account out for you! laugh out loud I've never seen the Hound & Gatos food around here, but I'll keep my eyes out for it. Hey Tigger!

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