what kind of can cat is best

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when i give her a whole she wont eat it all then it dries out by the afternoon then she wont touch vit any more i have to toss it when i give her halve can she finiushes the whole thing so how often shouild i feed her the halve cans she hasnt gotten sick since i switched i only can find fancy feast and 9 lives ive tried the once with pape she wont touch it im trying to find wellness i do have a petco in my town

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Maybe just feed enough food that your cat will eat right away so that leftovers aren't sitting out all day thinking If half a 3 oz can goes uneaten, try feeding less food. 1 oz of food for a meal is enough for many cats but some may need a little more or less.

You can split a can of food into small meals throughout the day. Many cats do well with 3 or 4 meals spread throughout the day. A programmable timed feeder, such as this one, works well for this purpose way to go You fill each compartment with food and then program the times you want your cat to have access to the food. You can add extra water to the food so it won't dry out too quickly. You can even freeze canned food into cubes using a silicone ice cube tray, pop the cubes out, and put a frozen cube into each compartment so it will slowly defrost and stay moist. Since a frozen cube take a bit of time to defrost enough to eat, I suggest that the first meal be straight from the can. That way your cat won't go nuts trying to eat a frozen cube or pull it out of the compartment and play with it all over the house shock


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My 10 year old cat, Beep, she does not eat a lot of food in one sitting, she is a grazer. So I literally give her a heaping spoonful of Wellness or Instinct or I have also fed her Natural Balance canned, and I will give her this amount 3 times a day. My 5 year old male, he eats a little more than that, he is bigger, and he only eats two times a day. I do give them a little spoonful of food at bedtime, but it's just a snack, I don't really call it a full feeding. Some cats prefer this way of "grazing" and snacking, rather than eating two bigger meals a day, like my piggo Taffy, and Stephano is still a baby, so he eats 3 times a day...and he'd eat 20 x a day if I let him smile

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Right now at Petsmart, they have the new Nutro Natural Choice, 3 oz cans for $1.00 each. ALL of the canned food is GRAIN FREE! The Soft and Chunky loaf, are my faves!
We all LOVE the Adult Chunky Loaf Salmon & Duck dinner. I have not seen the Soft Loaf at any of the stores as of yet. We do not get a lot of fish in our food normally. But Meowma did buy us a bag of the new Natural Choice Grain Free, Duck and Potato. Mom put it down in a small dish and when she went back in to the kitchen, it was ALL GONE! She was like, where did it go so fast? mol
Yes Meowma does work part time for Nutro, but she has been feeding Nutro for 24 years.cat on moon


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If it helps you at all my baby boy, Weasel, lived to be 24 years old hamster dance and I fed him Purina One Salmon & Tuna for dry food and Fancy Feast canned. He would get half of the can in the morning and half at night.
Weasel WOULD have lived longer than 24 but, the "interfering elderly lady" (nicest title I can give her) next door kept luring him to her house to feed b/c she thought he was "too skinny" (he'd lost weight in his old age). Unfortunately, Weasel was napping behind the tire of her car one day and she accidentally ran over him...
Sad story, but the POINT is: Purina One and Fancy Feast = 24 VERY GOOD years for my Weasel-Weaser.

*** Also, I DO have to say: Around year 14-15? I stopped taking him for yearly shots. Weasel HATED the vet & would get upset when he had to go. I was worried for Weasel's heart b/c of the stress a visit caused him. So I talked to our vet and he said that at his age, Weasel was probably as immune as he was going to get laugh out loud so shots probably wouldn't do him any more good.
I'm not saying you should stop taking your furbaby to the vet, but I often wonder if the lack of chemicals from the shots contributed to Weasel's long life span. I KNOW he loved his Fancy Feast, though.
One tip: Be careful about brushing your furbaby's teeth regularly--that was one tip that served me well with Weasel. B/c I kept up with weekly brushing, Weasel still had almost ALL of his teeth at the time of his passing.
Hope this helps!!!

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