What is your cat's weird favorite treats?

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Beauty Queen!
Purred: Wed Mar 6, '13 10:24pm PST 
My cats like basic human treats, like beef jerky and boiled chicken, but they also like weird foods you would think cats would never eat.
I thought I would post my cat's favorite weird treats and ask what all of your cats like?

Tao likes BBQ sauce.
Drew likes those flat brown things in a bag of Gardetto's.
Jak-ke likes poptarts. She also begs for anything with sugar in it, chocolate, cupcakes, fudge, ice cream, sugar cookies, ect (I do not give her any though).

What are your cat's weird food favorites?

Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

Me and my- person, together- against all
Purred: Wed Mar 6, '13 10:33pm PST 
This is Delyte. I am insanely fond of many kinds of human food, but the weirdest has to be corn husks. The tender greem part immediately next to the corn when you pull it off. I scream for them and will dig in trash to get them. My person cuts a tiny thin strip off and gives it to me, and after one or two I am happy.

I also bit into a raw tomato ripening on the counter when I was younger and had two fangs. Recently they found one puncture mark in an avocado in the fruit bowl.

One of our former kitties now at the Bridge used to go berserk over the cookies that they sell in supermarket bakeries with heavy icing. As soon as you opened the package, she was right there and had to have a tiny piece.

We have had a number of cats over my person's long lifetime who went crazy over the smell of bleach, just like catnip to them, but they never ate any of it, just smelled it and rolled in the laundry. cat on moon


I fetch,- therefore I am.

Purred: Thu Mar 7, '13 2:14am PST 
I LOVE lettuce (or any fresh leafy green)! My sis, Bea, always loved chickpeas as her favorite treat.
way to go


Butt-kicker of- all other cats
Purred: Thu Mar 7, '13 4:03am PST 
When daddy eats cheeze its for a snack after dinner, I beg like a dog until dad gives in and gives me and my big bubby Taffy one. We LOVE cheeze its! Well, I'm actually a pig and will eat anything, but cheeze its are my fave!


They call me- Last Cat, now- why is that?
Purred: Thu Mar 7, '13 7:28am PST 
I don't like most human foods but I get a small amount of coconut oil 3 times a week and I go mad for that, it tastes sooooo good. Supposedly good for me also

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Thu Mar 7, '13 9:18am PST 
Please know that MANY Human foods are harmful, even toxic, to cats shockshock

Onion, garlic, chocolate are the most common harmful foods to cats.

Grapes can cause kidney failure. I would not risk even feeding fake grape flavored anything stuff.

Processed Human foods like cheese, chips, etc are full of salt and sugar which are not good for cats (not even for Humans but that's another topic). A common form of sugar/sweetner found in processed Human foods, xylitol, is highly toxic to cats shock It quickly causes liver failure.

It doesn't take much of a harmful food for serious health effects to happen in a cat.

Just because your cat likes the taste of Human food and begs for it, doesn't mean you have to feed it to the cat shrug A cat doesn't know what is yummy and safe and what is yummy but harmful/toxic.

Here is the ASPCA's list of harmful Human foods to feed: http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/poison-control/people-foods.aspx I have to disagree about raw meats being harmful. Raw meat is fine for a cat to have. Many cats eat a raw food diet and have no issues at all.

Safe Human foods to feed are plain cooked chicken (boiled or steamed or poached or baked with no spices/salt/pepper) and canned fish in water (not oil).

Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

Me and my- person, together- against all
Purred: Thu Mar 7, '13 3:43pm PST 
This is Delyte. My person knows about all of those problems with human food, and we have never gotten any of those dangerous things. But right now her philosophy is that I am almost 18 years old, have several serious illnesses, and suffering with arthritis, so if it makes me happy to have small amounts of people food that do not include the poisonous stuff, she likes to make me happy. I wonder if they are going to stick to those rules on the Bridge? We hear about rivers of cream and salmon and chicken for you, but nobody says there will be lasagna and ice cream. It will certainly not be heaven for me without them. Bad enough to miss my people! cat on moon


Purred: Sun Mar 24, '13 6:57pm PST 
cantaloupe melon... weird right?


Mr. Laid-Back
Purred: Tue Apr 2, '13 1:31pm PST 
My first cat, Sassy, LOVED cantalope. She would eat it off of a fork. She loved for me to let her lick the juice out of the bottom of a bowl when I was done.

As for other "human" foods, yes, some are toxic, and it's important to know which ones are, and yes, a lot of processed people food is bad for cats, just like it is for humans, but as in everything, moderation is okay. Sassy also loved carbohydrates--didn't matter what kind. She liked Ritz crackers, saltines, Honey Nut Cheerios, the works. I'd let her have very small portions (assuming I could keep her from stealing a cracker out of the sleeve). It did not appear to stunt her growth or shorten her life much. She lived to the ripe old age of 17.


Mama's Lil Ding- Dong
Purred: Wed Apr 3, '13 3:03pm PST 
Belle LOVES Original and Cheddar Pringles!

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