nature's variety instinct or wellness core?

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I'm torn between the two and want to know what you guys think. This is for the dry formulas. Canned is not an option for us right now. I had both nature's variety instinct and wellness core in my hands at petco today. I chose the core based on the fact that it seemed to have more meat content and was actually cheaper. So, opinions?


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Which Wellness Core did you get??? Original, Indoor or Turkey?? Personally, I think the orginal has too much phosphorus. Yes, I know the original has more protein but there is a trade off on everything. Wellness Core & Evo, I alway think of food for diabetic kitties. (Did you get the Core on the super sale at Petco this past weekend? The Core was 10% off sale plus the online Wellness $5 coupon & the Petco adoption coupon weekend $5 off $25. Wow! What a deal it was! Was it like $12 plus the buck more to get to the $25 before all the the 10%, $5 coupons?) I am big on getting the super sales on kibble at Petco. Write to me if you need the $5 off $25 link to bookmark!

Am I not wilded about Natures Variety. I'm still not in love with the idea of clay in the food. And the cats did not prefer it.

So here is what my cats are eating, because it taste good to them.
* Pronature duck & Canyon Creek Ranch chicken mixed together - This month's winner
* Wellness Salmon & Holistic Select fish -on my last lb. (#)
* I started to mix Pronature senior into my fish bowl (^)
* Wellness Indoor
* Holistic Select Duck (#)
* We feed canned food besides the free grazing of kibble. I stocked up on Friskies & Fancy Feast on Petsmart Black Friday sale. They gobble up the pate ones & they were on super sale. So save your pennies for that sale!! (There was a weekend in Dec. at Petsmart they were on sale & a Petsmart 15% off coupon that I stacked with some Nestle Purina coupons too. It was cheaper than Black Friday sale if you can believe it!!)

(#) Will not rebuy this year or maybe again
(^) My not rebuy if they can not find a US distributor.


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I chose the original and no, I didn't know about the sale. I'm not quite as knowledgeable when it comes to cat food as I am with dog food lol. I'm still just trying to get him on something good and grain free. He was on taste of the wild before this.


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We bought the original Wellness CORE while it was on sale with a coupon and my Bengal boys don't seem to be as enthusiastic about it this time as they were in the past. We try to rotate dry and wet foods so they don't get bored. They love Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost kibble but I'm not a fan of the stinky poos they had after eating it. It only got worse as we neared the bottom of the bag.


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Okay. We tried Taste of the Wild. The smoked salmon was not of their liking. I so wanted them to like it. It was the best priced grain free kibble. We tried Earthborn grain free fish one. They ate half a bag before they just stopped. It was shaped like BB's which did not help. We got a sample of Solid Gold Indigo Moon. (If you love your cat stay away from it, phosphorus of 2.19%) They would not touch it. Just like Ziwipeak, Orijens 6 fish & Go!. I got samples from an independent pet food stores. Blue Buffalo has one called Basic. We will try it when all the duck kibble I have it gone. (I'm still hoping for Pronature to come back to the US.) When I called Blue Buffalo the phosphorus was close to 1%. So it is do able. The Blue Buffalo Wilderness had too much phosphorus. And none of them ate the LifeSource bits. We got samples of Natural Balance Alpha cat. But I passed on it at that price. We gave away 1/3 bag of Nature's Variety Rabbit. They took forever to finish the Nature's Variety turkey and duck one. I tried to get samples of Precise Holistic Complete grain free. Mine like the fish Precise Holistic Complete. Mine liked California Natural chicken but not the herring one. They really like the Canyon Creek Ranch by Nestle Purina. Lot of sales and coupons on that one at Petco. Last month it was on a super sale. After lots of samples, I found my cats like rice, oatmeal, barley over peas, chickpeas, potatoes-white or sweet and tapioca as the carb sources. So we stay away from corn, wheat and soy.

Brands that have coupons Wellness, Nature's Variety, Blue Buffalo. Evo has a free bag program.

Saw a new one called Annamael grain free. Has anyone tried it?? Protein 44%

I'm just throwing it out there, Diamond Naturals Active cat. 40% protein. My only dislike is the cellulose. The price is just right too. If you call them or email them your address, they will send you a nice sample of both cat Naturals if you just ask.

* Edit - PS, We are very interested in Evanger's Pheasant and Whitefish. But it has sweet potatoes as the first carb. The Evanger's grain free is out for us. My cats do not like beef. We are interested in By Nature Seven Platter. No stores by me have either that I have seen. I'm still searching for a venison one they will eat since the TOTW is out. No one here has the Feline Caviar around me either. I too like to give a variety.

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My cats ate wellness for years, and they were never crazy about the core, but I bought the ones that are right next to it, the ones that are chicken beef and turkey, and they LOVED them! I put water in them, so that they are getting extra water. One of my cats had major UTI's but when I switched him to the wellness canned, not a single one in 5 years! And my cats feel like velvet, they have the healthiest coats you can imagine, the vets always ooh and ahh over them and ask what I feed them. I have schooled a few of the vets on their diets, and some of them have even switched their cats to it. Wellness is my all time favorite cat food ever. My cats are currently eating Newman's Own organic, because I can get it cheaper and it seems to be decent quality food and had good reviews. But if I could not get the NO, I would go back to Wellness in a heartbeat. And I have had the discussion with a friend who does not like to feed a food with grains, and I know grain free is better, but for me, a good quality canned, like wellness, even if it has some veggies or grain, is better to me than a high quality kibble that is grain free. And I have a 10 year old cat, and I somehow think a food too high in protein might not be the best thing for her, so I don't sweat the grain and veggies in their good quality stuff, but that is just me and my theory smile And it works for us!