My cat always seems hungry.

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Napoleon is a pretty active cat. She eats Go! SENSITIVITY + SHINE™ Freshwater Trout + Salmon (not for any sensitivities, just because she likes fish more than chicken) and she just eats so much!
We had her spayed on December 27, so I'm not sure how much that plays into it? She's definitely more affectionate since then.
I would have to say she's about 8lbs now, but should maybe be 7 lbs. When we adopted her she was 6.5lbs and I felt she was a bit thin. She's a pretty small cat. Quite dainty.
I can't tell if she's eating all of her food right away because she loves the taste of it, or because she's hungry. Or if she's hungry because she scarfed her food down at the previous meal.
She gets just under 1/2 cup a day (just under 1/4 cup a meal), and the feeding guidelines recommend 3/8 cup a day. She gets that with about an ounce of wet food in the morning.
When she's standing up she's not fat, she has no little bulges or anything, but her face is slightly rounder. When she was 6.5lbs she had this sort of alien head thing going on haha
Maybe I answered my own question, and I should just change her kibble to a chicken flavour so she's not all "OMG I HAVE TO EAT ALL OF THIS BECAUSE IT'S DELICIOUS"

Miss Puff

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Well when I was younger, my family said I had a pin head... But Meowma said that I was just "cobby". That means that I am just a small frame kitty. It is normal. What has your vet person said about your weight? Meowma has been feeding Nutro wet and dry for over 24 years now. She has had 3 cats live to be 22 years old and one who reached 19, all on Nutro Max Dry. None of us have ever had to go to our vet for any kind of health related problems ever. Smokey-Joe was the first kitty who lived to be 22. She looked a lot like you. We are all free fed and can can go outside when ever we want. We have a big doggy door and it is hard for Meowma to keep us from going out of it. But since I am now a bit older, I have decided to be more of a house cat. Now as for what is on the bag or can of food, it is just a recommendation. If you are still hungry and at a good weight, you should be able to have more to eat, IMO.Because we are all happy and healthy , Meowma asked to work part time for Nutro. She does those in store demos and such, part time. I would recommend that you try the Max Cat, Fish or Chicken.We all love the Roasted Chicken! Best of luck on your choice and if you ever have any questions, please give me a holler.


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My cat too, he always try to open bridge to eat anything shrug

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Kittens and adolescent cats, like children and adolescent humans, tend to be hungry all the time and burn off the energy from the food as fast as they eat it. Part of this is because they are growing and developing, part of it is because young animals digestive systems are less efficient than those of adult animals. As long as your cat isn't seriously overweight, I would recommend you free choice feed your cat a good quality dry food. Make sure your cat has plenty of fresh water always available too.

There's an illustrated chart at the below link that you can use to assess your cat's weight and condition.
http://www.iams.com/pet-health/cat-article/how-to-visual ly-assess-cat-and-dog-body-condition


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It's Queenie. I am quite a bit older than you, but I have the opposite problem--I eat little but I have been round since I got spayed. The change in your appetite may be in response to hormonal changes from being spayed. The problem is that some spayed females develop slow metabolisms and their food turns easily to fat, even if they don't eat much. There are foods that are more filling but less fattening for you. But don't let them give you that food with lots of cereals in it--it fills you up but it doesn't fill your body's needs and you can get ill from it. Our person had a chubby female who was put on diet food her whole adult life and had ratty fur, digestive problems and sores on her skin.

Being a little overweight is not all that bad, though. The vet was always after my person to reduce Delyte's weight when he was a young cat--he was up to 14 poundx, Then he had a terrible health problem, surgery and could not eat for weeks. They did not think he would survive, but he did, because he had some fat on him to burn off. He has never been fat since, but he has a number of medical problems and is still feisty because that is that way he is. Don't fret too much over weight, but if your kitty is hungry you could try feeding her a bit more. Is an all fish cat food considered to be okay? [We don't get much fish at all because it makes Stella sick.]

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I never go by the guidelines posted by the cat food company. Like people, each cat has a different body type/composition. My Bengal boys are fed free-choice dry all day and they split a 5.5 oz. can twice daily. Neither are fat but they are very big, energetic, muscular boys. The rule of thumb for me is that if they scarf their food down in less than 2 minutes I give them more. If they leave some on their plate I give them less then next time. Your cat will let you know if she's not getting enough to eat and as long as she's not tubby I would let her have as much as she wants.

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Romeo, you are quiet right. They are "Suggested" feeding guide lines.
I know that on there dog food bags, Nutro has drawings or sketches, of body types.
All of us, kittens and cats are all different and have different body types and metabolisms. So we all need or require more or less then some others do. All 4 of us are free fed. Not one of us is over weight and all of us are healthy.