Cats stopped liking flaked foods

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Purred: Thu Jan 17, '13 10:26pm PST 
I have worked so hard to get the cats to get any canned food. We started off with the ones with gravy because that was what Brownie liked. About June, I started to add the pate ones. This fall, we stopped heating up the left over half of the can in the microwave. We started to add a little water from out instant hot water dispenser. With the right amount of water it's like gravy, which Brownie loves. So now I have some cans of Soulistic Good Karma which up to the fall I had to cup up & added some water. But none of them will eat it because it is flaked & no matter how much I cut it it still was not small enough. I did not what to do with the Good Karma cans & stop feed the in Oct. Then final I had a light bulb moment. I got out the KitchenAid stick blender. I pureed the entire can. It's a runny pate with gravy. Brownie loves it now. Even Cookie liked it. But Candie is slowly eating canned food again.

On a good day, they will eat up to 7.5 oz plus the extra water we add to make more gravy. On a normal day, they eat 4.5 oz plus a little water. I'm happy to report Brownie is liking more poultry canned foods at the moment. I bought 1 can of BG5 quail. Brownie ate the entire can almost all by himself in 2 days. Man, that stuff is a silky puree. About a month ago, everyone starting the duck kibbles again & there sits the fish one. I was 2 lbs from finishing a bag of the fish kibble.

The point of this post, if you find a chunky type of canned food you can make it into a puree.


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Purred: Fri Jan 18, '13 11:09am PST 
I have done that too. My mom has a tiny (& I mean 2 cups tiny) food processor, that is perfect for kitty food. I had to use that on the Soulistic pouches, they won't eat shreds at all.