Treats(Freeze Dried)?

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Purred: Sat Jan 12, '13 9:30pm PST 
I'm currently have a four year old Siberian Cat.Just wondering what the members suggest,& feed to there cats.

Anyway, this cat is vey treat motivated. I decide, to start training the Cat, so far she knows Sit,Touch,& Come. She LOVES freeze dried treats. I love the ingerdaints in Freeze-Dried,& that there 100% meat.

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Sun Jan 13, '13 5:45am PST 
Freeze dried meat treats are good way to go There are lots of brands out there smile

For the main diet, you'll find all your cat nutrition and feeding info at Catinfo.org way to go The web site is owned by a vet who has an interest in proper cat nutrition.

In short, dry foood (all brands) are the absolute worse you can feed. It can cause all sorts of health problems later in life, from obesity to diabetes to urinary tract issues. That's something all the pet food companies don't tell you when they push their dry food products on tv, in magazines, free samples at the store, etc confused

A canned food diet and/or raw food diet is best. Both provide the water a cat needs in the diet. Cats are designed to get all their water directly from the food, not from a bowl.

Raw food is the most ideal since that is what wild cats eat in the wild. This can be a commericial brand of raw pet food or one that you make yourself using a good recipie, such as the one at Catinfo.org.

But if you can't feed or don't want to feed raw, canned food is a good subsitute smile Canned food may seem more expensive than a cheap giant bag of dry food but think of all the money you could be saving on future expensive vet bills. It's a "pay it now or later" thing.


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We LOVE Bravo Bonus Bites freeze dried venison liver treats!

They also make a dry roasted venison liver version that Chatri likes but the rest of us don't like that kind as much. The dry roasted kind is sort of like a brittle jerky. Chatri loves that stuff! but I usually won't eat it. I hold out for the freeze dried ones.

Oooh another kind we love is Fresh is Best freeze dried duck hearts.

and Whole Life has some pretty good chicken or turkey treats.

Maybe you will like some of those?

Agree with the recommendation of catinfo.org for great info on feline nutrition from Lisa Pierson, DVM.